Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall is my Fave

Happy First Weekend Off in Freakin Forever to Me!!

Did you ever just wake up ridiculously happy?? I'm in bed with my new supah soft Jets blanket.. Got my coffee next to me.. which btw was made to perfection (not always the case) by the lovely people at dunkin donuts who were oh so fortunate enough to not see this beautiful garb first thing this morning.. I went thru the drive-thru.. My neighbors however, not so lucky..

No need to edit that fabulous photo.. eek

This happy mood of mine makes me wanna chit chat but being as Frankie Dearest is working.. and the kids are watching cartoons and playing Minecraft reading quietly in their rooms the blogosphere is subject to my ramblings..

The weather no doubt plays a key role in my mood.. I lurve the Fall.. I met my husband in the Fall.. we got married in the Fall.. The same Fall to be exact. We met in September 2001 and eloped in December 2001. Our parents were oh so proud.. or scared, pissed, and sick with worry..

OBX summer of 2013

Another Fall favorite: Thanksgiving! My oh my can my momasita cook. I did not inherit that gene. We're Italian so we have lasagna at 1pm.. Turkey dinner with all the fixins' around 4pm.. and then dessert around 7pm.. Best. Day. Ever.

My dear ole dad passed away 7 years ago and for some reason Thanksgiving day reminds me of him like no other. The parade, March of the Wooden Soldiers, The Ten Commandments, walnuts & fruit on the coffee table.. Yes please!! He used to call me "Girl Child".. I have two brothers and no sisters.. so he'd be like "Girl Child, come give me my medicine." He would be referring to M&Ms.. so funny.

Guess I should get off my arse and take these little patooties Pumpkin Picking..

Monster Mini Golf 2013

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