Saturday, October 19, 2013

About Me

I'm an oversharer.. I often go to bed at night regretting something or other I said that day.. I'm a pretty happy person in general and I love making people laugh at my one liners.. Nothing feels better than making people belly laugh. And being as my family is a bunch of clowns they give me more than enough material.

I am not a braggy person by nature.. I find modesty so attractive.. But there are two areas I brag about.. one is when I find a great deal.. which happens all the time because I am a smart shopper.. and two.. I'm really good at puzzles.. like really good.. I am yet to find someone I can not continually beat in Scramble & Words with Friends.. and I've been playing for about 3 years.. My name is Giirl Chiild if you're up for the challenge.. I am not undefeatable, I just win 90% of my games.. maybe 95%  ; )

I have an odd love for numbers.. I count steps and stairs and blinds and ceiling panels.. I just can not help myself.. I count my steps when I jog.. not 1 to 545.. but rather just chant 1-10 or 1-20 over and over until I'm done.. makes the time fly!

I'm a bookkeeper.. appropriate.

I have three jobs.. all bookkeeping.. one is 6-7 hrs week, one is 30, and one is 2 days a month..

I joined the Army at 18 and served 5 years.. I made rank of SGT.. and as a bonus, met this stud...

We met in Sept 2001, we got our names tattooed on each other in Nov 2001, and eloped in Dec 2001. To make our whirlwind even crazier.. the day we eloped, Dec 20, 2001.. was our last day in the Army.. and we packed up our belongings, I had a two year old son, Gavin, from a previous relationship, my dog Shelby Girl and his fish Barney and we rented a U-Haul and drove South with no where to go and no family in our path (he is from OH) we stopped in VA Beach and put one month's deposit and the first month's rent on a new credit card I received and that was it. We then had one month to come up with next month's rent.

Man, it was so tough, but looking back, those days were amazing. Getting to know each other really.. being on our own.. adjusting to the real world.. Food shopping at the Dollar Tree with a weekly budget of $20.. no joke! Bread, cheese, ramen, pb, jam and snacks.. Maybe that's why I'm so happy these days.. lol

Gavin is now a freshman, Ayden is in 4th grade, and Ethan is in Kindergarten..

Gavdawg, Gavstar, Gavino

He's my kindhearted son.. always asks how was my day.. offers a hug when I get home.. hates chores, but still doesn't complain when I ask for his help.. He was 8, Ayden was 3.. we just bought ice cream off the truck and splat! Ayden dropped his.. Gavin didn't even hesitate.. "Here Ayd, you can have mine." #bestkidever

Ayden is my 9 year old boy genius.. Ridiculously smart.. He is quite the handful.. I used to call him bossy.. we'd have a play date with friends and Ayden would say "Ok, Rusty you're ganna be the solder, take this gun. Sadie, you're ganna be the lookout, go over there and wait." I would tell him to let them choose what they want to do, but it went in one ear and out the other. I then went to teacher conferences and his teacher called him a "leader". So I try and not be so negative with my Ayden.. Just because he is different than me, doesn't mean he is wrong. In fact, I am pretty certain this kid is going to be very successful in life. He reminds me of Frank's brother who I love dearly and who is the wealthiest of us all. Maybe this whole caring about other people's feelings thing is my downfall.

Ethan is my baby.. He tells me I'm his "first best friend" so that of course makes him my favorite.. He is super sensitive like me and Gavin.. If a teacher or I were to tell him he didn't do something "correctly" he'd cry as if we said we didn't love him anymore.. He thinks Ayden is the coolest kid ever and would do anything for him.. Ethan is also the only saver in the family.. He will not spend his money for anything. He hides it like a squirrel.. Our neighbor offered to buy him a donut from dunkin donuts and he said "No thank you, but I'll take the dollar."

I live on the Jersey Shore.. well, actually it's the bay.. the shore is 15 mins up the road.. but this view is my town.. a few blocks from my house.. I was born and raised here.. Frank grew up in OH and loves it as much as I do.. That's NYC across the way.. on a clear day you can see the Statue of Liberty.. and at night you see the lights on the bridge and buildings..

It's awesome.. I love it here..

And that is enough yammering for one post..

Chat later!

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