Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lent & Spin Class Drama

I skipped Lent this year.. Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent) is usually like my turning point. It's usually beginning to mid February and that means I am typically off my New Year's Resolution high.. and it just seems so much better because now it'll be a new (better) me AND it centers around the Lord. Score!!

I attend mass, get my ashes, give up a few bad habits.. or acquire a few good ones.. and I always start going back to church around that time..

Well this year, I was driving to work when the radio DJ informed me it was Ash Wednesday. WHAT?!?!?! How did I miss that one?? I couldn't think of what I wanted to give up.. I was heading in to work in NY that day and wouldn't be home in time for mass. It was just a mess.

I said I would start a few days late and extend it a few days to make up for it.. but here with are with Palm Sunday being tomorrow and I didn't attend mass once, nor did I pray more, nor did I sacrifice anything.. sigh

And I can't start going to mass tomorrow because I can't be that woman who just shows up for palm. Oh no, the regulars know who attends.. and who shows up for palm. I'll start going again soon.. but definitely after Easter.

In the meantime.. I've been successful at keeping Satan at bay lately. I'm sure Jesus loves that.

I have been super great this week with not turning to food other than when I'm hungry. Oh, and in Spin Class.. there is this woman who I really don't like.. nor does she like me.. we both like the fan to face us and so we keep moving it then the other will move it back.. it's childish, I know.. So last week I told her "Oh hell no!" when she moved it, and then I got off my bike and adjusted it back on me.. so this week when she did it.. I didn't move it back, but boy was my blood boiling.. I thought "Oh ok bitch, you wanna move the fan again. Next week, I'm taking your spot. See how you like that!"

And if you are a regular spinner.. a serious spinner.. you like your bike and your spot. But then I thought Jesus wouldn't like that very much.

So, yeah, that was my point. I skipped Lent, but I still love Jesus and want to do the right thing. Even when the wrong thing is sooooooooo tempting.

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