Friday, January 25, 2013

Back on track

Do you ever feel like you are not following the social norm and therefore are wrong???

I am queen of not following the "social" norm.. I follow lots of rules, in fact calling me a rule follower would accurately describe me.. Not too into going against the grain and ruffling anyone's feathers.. unless of course it's for human rights.. then I'll ruffle away!

But what I'm talking about with me is .. I'm an oversharer.

I always have been.. someone would comment on something of mine and I'd say "Oh thanks! $20 bucks at Marshalls!" and my father would get annoyed (maybe even embarrassed) and say "Nicole, just say 'thank you'."

But ya know what.. I LIKE oversharing.. I like being real.. and for some odd reason I like to make myself and my life look worse than it is ONLY if it'll benefit the person on the other end..

For example, I love my husband dearly (despire the previous post stating otherwise. HA!) I honestly do.. sure he ticks me off.. but I scored me a winner with that one! But if my girlfriend is speaking about being unhappy in her marriage (and why do they all seem to be so dang unhappy?!) then I feel obligated to chime in with something negative that I can relate to so that poor girl doesn't feel like she is the only one.. I'll be like "Oh, please. Frank too. I wanna kill him sometimes." I mean I don't go too crazy and tell lies or anything.. But I hate that I do that.. I hate that I use Frank as a stepping stone for someone else to feel better.. but he's just a casualty in my determination to make this sad person feel better.. or at the very least.. less alone..

This is why I don't blog often.. I am a rambler!!

My original point is simply to overshare.. I am through the roof with joy right now.. but to explain why I must tell my private business.. which is AOK with me.. just not society apparently..

So Hurricane Sandy costs us $1,000 in various expenses.. which is literally a drop in the bucket compared to 90% of my friends and neighbors who had water in their house and are looking at $50,000 in damages.. No water in our house.. thank God!! It got close but never got in.. However, no power for 2 weeks meant taking my kids an hour away to my moms daily.. yes, daily.. she left them here for the first week (with no heat) but we all kept saying, thinking, praying that it would come on the next day. Finally she takes them and she couldn't handle them.. She was screaming every moment.. Her house is a typical old lady house with lots of breakables and no messes.. She wasn't comfortable taking them and didn't want to, but had to bc of the temps.. So every day Frank and I would drive down (looters were rampid so we had to protect the house. I could've stayed with my mom, but leaving Frank here alone with no heat or power felt horribly wrong. Least staying here with him, I knew the boys were safe and warm.)

The gas lines were 5 hours long and you could only go on odd even days (last # of your license plate)..

So, needless to say.. Nov 1's mortgage didn't get paid.. Then December came and it was either pay the mortgage or give my 3 sons Christmas.. and we chose Christmas.. December's mortgage, also not paid..

I don't even know what happened in January. I mean we could have paid the mortgage, but then we'd be ridiculously broke.. Like no gas or food money broke.. This was probably just the snowball effect from the previous months.

Well, guess what I get in the mail.. Foreclosure papers of course. Awesome.. I am not one to be late on my bills.. these past few months have been so stressful and almost surreal. I grew up this house, my father passed away here.. I just can't imagine moving..

Then today I filed our taxes and am able to catch up on all payments missed.. And there ended up being an extra grand that I wasn't expecting.. Booyah!! Happy moment for sure!! After it was submitted I called the mortgage company to set up a payment for when my return would be in there.. and the woman tells me they haven't actually sent it to the lawyers for foreclosure yet.. which means I didn't have to pay those fees!!! And we're talking $1,000!! Score!!

So yeah, been smiling and dancing and of course, telling everyone!! I am just SO freaking happy..

Oh, did I mention I prayed to God this morning?? I hardly pray.. and I mean hardly as in a few times a year! But when I do, He always answers my prayers..

I am so relieved.. so much stressed is gone.. I love my family, love my life.. love my friends.. love God.. so so so glad to get back on track!!!!

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