Monday, September 24, 2012

What a freakin day...

Dr. Oz said chew your food slowly today.. do you ever feel like all you process all day is information you already knew??

My day started off at 6:45am when my cell phone rang..

Me in a super groggy voice: "Hello?"
Little girl voice on other end: "Hello?"

Click.. we're disconnected..
Ring ring.. grrrr..

Me: "Hello?!"
Her: "Is Gavin there?" (my 13 yo - who has his own cell phone!)
M: Who is this?
H: Gavin's friend Nicole.
M: Well, this is Gavin's mother Nicole. Do not EVER call this number again. This is my cell phone. It is friggen 6:45 in the morning!

Silence and then we both hang up..

I thought it was a weekend and the stalker was really off her rocker.. but she was just calling because they walk to school together.. but still!! Gavin forgot his phone one day and called me on the way home using her cell to let me know he was on his way. Apparently she stored the number. And since Gavin wasn't responding to her texts on his cell.. she tried mine.. What is wrong with kids.. but let me not go any further about that..

Moving on.. I hit some guys mirror with my truck's mirror after dropping the two little ones to school.. tight road, thought I could make it.. wrong!! My mirror collapsed in, but his was metal.. a small work truck.. so I figured, no harm done.. and kept driving.. then about a block away I thought.. what if this guy called the cops and I get a hit a run.. so I pulled over.. he just laughed and told me no harm done.. Thank God!

Drive the twenty minutes to work.. grab my bag in the back.. and there it is.. Ayden's paper with his lines for the upcoming play.. awesome! Mind you this is the same piece of paper we couldn't find this morning and I dug through the trash, not once but twice to find.. where was it you ask? In the bathroom - right where he left it! grrr..

Yep.. had to drive back and give it to him because the only reason it was in the back seat was because he did me a favor and buckled up little man for me..

Needless to say I am spent!

And this whole low carb shit is for the birds.. I want something other than meat and cheese damnit! but the scale is moving and my tummy is looking almost as good as the old bitty with fake boobs who was in my Body Pump class on Sunday.. doncha hate older chicks who (A) have fake boobs, (B) wear full make up to the gym and (C) wear skimpy clothes.. I mean it's bad enough on a young chick.. but older women look pathetic trying to compete with the 20 somethings.. they always win.. they're 20!!!

And besides.. age is sexy.. embrace it.. be the older chick who still goes to the gym with a rockin bod.. we can see it through form fitted clothes.. no need to be popping out in that string tank top that shows your belly girlfriend..

Day 3 was a success.. but don't ask me why or how.. all I know is when I set caloric limits I fail.. majorly!! But this whole stay under a certain # of carbs (past 3 days has been 50g) and I am able to..

But I hate it.. and it's not sustainable.. at all.. most people gain all the weight back.. must must must reenter carbs slowly and never again can I consume them like I was doing.. no more 4 slices of pizza.. sigh.. must be one with a salad and fruit.. or maybe 2 if it's within my calories.. idfk.. I'm hungry = cranky..

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  1. oh man, poor thing, i hope u're able to get some good sleep and that no more crazy early phone calls from a girl stalker intrude on ur zzzzz's!! ugh, gotta hate days like that, but thankfully we can put a fork in the day and look forward to tomorrow. :)