Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weight Loss Tips 1 & 2

Dear Self,

Cut your food into smaller pieces.. I know I know.. the urge to guzzle and shove your food in your mouth with such force you almost choke to death is tempting.. but trust me.. you will eat far less and feel so much calmer and happier and lighter..

Chill out homegirl.. ain't no one around ganna steal your food.. I mean, no one's even home with you.. it's all yours.. you don't win a medal for eating 5 bowls of Honey Combs in one day.. otherwise you'd have several medals... all you get is Ayden saying "You bought Honey Combs?!" to which you must reply "Yeah, but they're almost gone. Sorry." and then you see him sorta dumbfounded at how they could be all gone if they weren't even in there before he left for school.

Yeah so um.. tip #1.. cut small pieces..

Tip #2 kinda piggy backs on tip #1.. eat slowly.. like ridiculously slowly.. We all know you are a champ at inhaling insanely high cal foods in mere minutes.. 

But if you cut small pieces and chew slowly.. you will never enter into that gorging phase.. that comes only with the shoveling.. not with the calmness of chillaxing while you eat..

So there you go girlfriend.. try it out sometime eh?

Does it matter that my example for cutting food is a bowl of Honey Combs?? LOL

All logic not welcomed here.

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