Sunday, September 23, 2012

Low Carb Meals

I am not a fan of cooking.. I have "cooked" dinner maybe 25 times in the past 4 months.. that averages about 6x a month.. yep, sounds about right..

My mother raised me on meat, mashed potatoes and a veggie.. and the veggies were sad.. canned corn, peas, string beans.. and then frozen broccoli and spinach..

I've eaten more mashed potatoes than any human should and I stopped eating them as soon as I left the coop at 18..

When the occasion arises that I do cook.. 99% of the time it involves a tortilla wrap: fajitas, burritos, tacos, enchiladas.. or my own little creation..

After gaining some weight and working my tail off at the gym to no avail.. I decided to kick my cupcake, candy and cereal diet.. As much I love love love my carbs.. I am doing the low carb thing..

Today is day 2 and here's what I've learned so far.. you can't guzzle down noncarb foods like you can with carbs.. it's a process to make the salad, or cook an omlet, or fry some bacon..

The process of preparing food does something to me.. I can't really explain it other than to say it seems to calm the animal within..

Normally I shovel cake or cereal so fast that I am not even close to being full.. toast w/ PB is another fave.. but with meats and cheeses.. you don't want to do that.. it's just not as satisfying in large amounts..

But, I am tons fuller on smaller portions.. the meat & cheeses are like bricks in my belly.. I couldn't eat a cupcake even if I wanted to! Well, okay maybe I could.. but the urge certainly isn't there.

I'm still not a fan and really miss my best friend carbs.. but I just keep reminding myself it's temporary.. once I get to where I wanna be.. I will slowly readjust my eating to where I can eat carbs in moderation..

Until then, I need meal ideas that are crazy easy and I can't find any.

Bacon and eggs are great for breakfast.. cheese is a good snack.. salad w/ turkey & swiss seems like an okay lunch, but kinda grossed me out yesterday.. and for dinner (and lunch today) I made chicken, cheese & salsa.. mmm

Throw the chicken in at 350* for 10 mins..
Take out, add salsa and put back in for 10 mins..
Take out, add cheese and it goes in for another 10 mins..

Super simple, one pan.. easy peasy.. my kind of recipe.. my brother taught me that years ago.. but aside from that I got nutten.. : /

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