Sunday, September 30, 2012

Love Hate Love

No one can infuriate me like this man can.. my blood is boiling right now.. yet, I know with certaintly it is a little, very stupid, misunderstanding.. I want to say "arguement" but it really isn't..

But his reaction has sent me in a tizzy.. I am fuming.. I want to curse him out so badly.. I want to pound on his face actually.. ha! It's the Italian Jersey girl in me..

He is up in PA doing some side tile job with my brother.. and sends me a text that says

"Tell ayd i love em. Miss u guys. I looove u :)"

Like um just tell "ayd" you love him.. not Ethan?!?!?! (Gavin slept out)..

Something so stupid, right?!?!? Well he got ticked at me for saying something.. he writes back "of course I meant Eth too." (mmm hrmm)

I'm not saying he doesn't love Ethan!! I'm just saying what father WRITES tell one son I love him.. who does that??

Well, apparently I insulted him (I'm sure he took it as I was calling him a bad dad.. and in a small way I guess I was.)

So do you know what he says at the end.. that mother effer writes:

"I'll deal with you when I get home."

OH MY WORD!!!! No he didn't!!! Who the fuck does he think he is talking to?!?!?! Oh yeah, I'm furious.. I know I know it's my ego.. but Lord help me not kill him.. Lord help me forgive.. Lord?? Herlow?? Did we get disconnected???

Nicole, it's me Satan.. you are sooo right!!! He had no right to talk to you that way!! Get him girl! Show him what's what!! You do everything, he does nothing! lol

Breathe Nicole.. breathe.. he's grumpy he's at work.. he thinks you told the boys daddy only loves you Ayden (I would never of course.. but he may think that)

Do I call or text an apology???? But for what??? What did IIIIIIIII doooo??? He's wrong. I'm right..

But okay okay.. Jesus floods me with forgiveness.. I will return the favor.. I guess..

But first.. I'll lighten the mood.. or attempt to.. he's just as furious.. I'll text him:

"I forgive you." hehehe

Whew.. glad that's over..


  1. I know this is from ages ago, but I just saw your comment on my blog (that will most likely be disappearing soon- just can't keep it up, obviously). Anyway, thank you so much! Last June, my husband got a job, and we're turned over a whole new leaf. Truly, some amazing things have happened. Lots of growth. Not necessarily growing closer to Christ, but growth and a desire to become more spiritual, which I'm so thankful for.

    Again, thank you! It made my day, even a year later.

    Love this post about your husband. They're something . . . and so are we. Love that you're so real.

  2. Jessica, I guess u already deleted ur blog... Ive wanted to several times myself.. But instead I just dont log in for a year ; ) Hope all is well with you and ur yours...