Thursday, August 9, 2012

Who does your hair??

I used to get my hair highlighted every six weeks.. my girl was $150 plus tip.. then they went up to $170 plus tip.. which I guess wouldn't be so so bad if (A) I were rich and (B) I loved the result. But neither of those were the case..

I understand that no one is perfect and she can't possible see what she pulled once it's in the foils.. but hot damn if one side of my head wasn't noticably (to me at least) more highlighted than the other.. every single time. So here I was $200 bucks poorer and ticked when I looked in mirror..

I then went to a friend of a friend who much cheaper at around $80 plus tip.. and she did do a better job.. but even that much money started to bother me.

So off to Target I went and got me some Revlon Honey colored frosting kit.. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either.. kinda how I felt after spending $200 at the salon, except this time is was only $15 bucks.. Score!!

Anywho.. my point is.. I now do my own hair.. and have for the past year.. Here's my latest dye job...

Not too bad, right??

Oh, did I also mention I CUT my own hair?? Um, yeah.. wanna see how well that panned out??

I know it appears as tho I'm sorta slanted.. but I'm really not.. my hair is seriously a full inch shorter on one side than the other.. I did this to myself months ago and just always have it up.. so I say ah, tomorrow.. I don't know anyone that would walk around with hair that lopsided.. I'm shocked but too lazy that I have let it go for this long..

Win some, lose some..


I was feeling like crap yesterday so I decided to go get my hair cut and then get some fro yo and a few new workout tops.. anywho.. I'm at the haircutting place and after the girl cut some, she asked me to stand up and finished it with me standing up. I've never heard of this before, but I was pretty happy because I took it to mean my hair was too long for her to do in the chair..

Buuut.. she apparently went to Nicole's Hair School.. because homegirl totally left the left side longer like I did! Granted hers was just a small piece, but still.. so much for going to a pro.. yet another reason I will continue to do my own hair =]

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