Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My life as a Teen Bride

I am still in Summer mode.. but, Fall is so tempting.. the leaves, the breeze, hoodies and shorts - my favorite outfit ever! We live a few blocks from the beach and going up there in Sept reminds me of when Frank and I first met..

Fun Fact:

Frank and I met in Sept 2001 when he started working in my office in the Army.. on Sept 22 after some super smiley stares he gave me his number and said "Call me if you ever wanna hang out." so of course I went home and invited 3 of my guy friends over.. then  called Frank and was like "Hey, I'm having some people over if you wanna stop by." bwahaha..

He came over.. and never left.. we were married on Dec 20, 2001... less than 3 months later! Um, can I just add that we didn't do the deed for two months.. as if that's so much better than the first night! LOL but it is darn it!

Now mind you.. I was 22, divorced, and a single mom!! What a catch, right? I joined the Army right out of HS and told my boyfriend of 8 months that I had to break up with him.. he asked me to marry him a few days later and I said "yes" even tho I was totally fine breaking up with him. The teenage mind is brilliant, let me tell ya! I had my Gavin 18 months later and was divorced a year after that.. I was a single mom for almost two years before I met Frank..

Mom, guess what?!
I got married!!
To who?!

Seriously, that's how the conversation went..

But, I'm sure you can all imagine how thrilled Frank's parents were!!! Their 21 year old son marrying a tattooed, divorced, single mom?!?!? Oh yeah.. proudest moment of their lives.. no fear at all..

But here we are.. going on 11 years next month.. =)

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