Friday, July 27, 2012

Sock it up & Run

Last week I eased back into running.. and since I was coming off an injury I took it super light.. and am going to be super smart about increasing my mileage.. unlike last time.. 

Sat - 1, Sun - 1, Tue - 2, Thu - 2, Fri - 2

This week:

Sat - 2, Sun - 2, Tue - 1.5, Thu - 2, Fri - 2

I ran today's run without socks.. ummm... never again! I saw that this super amazing super handsome hottie magoo ran without socks.. the fact that he is an ultra mountain marathoner who runs 100 mile races meant nothing.. if he does it then by golly I want to do it. Bad idea..

A blister on each of my heels.. awesome!! What. A. Fool.

Today was supposed to be 1.5 miles.. but at my turn to come home I was chillin like a villain.. I wasn't breathing heavy at all.. so I decided to take my 2 mile route.. but towards the end of it I started noticing my blisters.. so I took my sneaks off and ran barefoot for the last 2 blocks..

Carrying my two sneakers of course.. talk about seksi.. hahaha.. I must've looked like I escaped from the loony bin.. like uh ma'am.. those goes on yer feet..

Hopefully the blister won't interfere with tomorrow's run.. I will ticked that I ruined my run because going sock free looks cuter.. did I mention I'm a fool??

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