Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Runner's Knee Recovery

oh em gee, I am so happy right now.. except for the excruciating pain that this bad boy is causing me..

not the actual knee pain, but the ice pack.. holy cold!! I consider myself a tough cookie.. I was in the Army, I have 7 tattoos.. I am a total suck-it-up-and-move-on kinda girl.. but cold water, ice, and snow are my kryptonite.. 

But back to the me being super happy part.. I ran track in HS and drastically increased my mileage in the Army, but after I got out in 2001 I pretty much stopped completely.

A few months ago I decided to pick it back up and it was like I never stopped. I ran 3 miles at a 10 min mile pace after a decade long hiatus and it felt amazing. I then ran pretty much every day or every other day for about 2 months and increased my mileage (up to 6 miles) and my pace (8:20s). It was euphoric.

Then one day the bottom of my left knee started killing me. I reduced my runs to 3 miles and only ran 2 or 3 times a week.. still no relief.

I have taken up Spin 5x a week and Body Pump 2x a week, but it's just not the same..

I pretty much conceded that I had to give up running. I actually get ticked seeing people run on the side of the road now. But then I thought about people who have lost limbs and can't even do Spin or Body Pump.. so I put my big girl panties on stopped whining.

Ok, well I guess I didn't really "concede" because today I was googling recovery tips ; ) I've thought about trying a new pair of sneakers.. or if adding inserts would help ease the thump thump thump of the pavement.. and then today I thought What if my foot strike is wrong?

So I went to a professional youtube.com and googled proper running foot strike and guess what.. I am a total heel striker!! Which is bad, but majorly awesome too!! Majorly awesome because that means I can very likely take some more time off, keep this friggen ice pack on, and then practice proper form while running again!!! I don't care what kind of goofball I look like trying to ensure my stride is correct.. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon enough..

I'm going to shoot for Sept 1 as being my next run.. and this time I won't go from a decade of not running to running 30 miles the first week which looking back was completely foolish.. I was just so in love with running.. I was running in the snow and the rain.. heaven!!

And hey, this heat sucks anyways.. so I'm not missing much.. oh my goodness gracious - I can not wait!!!

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