Saturday, July 14, 2012

My first Run (again)

Workout:    first attempt at running since my runner's knee.. walked .2, ran .4, walked .2, ran .4, walked .2

First I said I was going to give my knee a break until September.. which turned into August within a day.. which within hours turned into Sunday July 29th.. that was a day or two ago.. then today I woke up and said to Frank "I think I'm ganna try running today." ha!

If it hurt, I was going to immediately stop. In fact, I only ran my block back and forth because Frank got called in and I had the kids incase it hurt I would be close to home. It is .1 mile from corner to corner.. I did some really good stretching beforehand, then walked two laps, ran four, walked two, ran four, walked two. Booya!!!  No pain at all.. came home and did even more stretching and am now icing - just to be safe.

Haven't been to church in years.. but I asked God for a big favor and in return I offered up some services.. actually what I did was write down about 30 things that I thought God would like of me.

Some examples:

Go to church every Sunday
Stop cursing
No computer before all my chores are done
Wake up early and meditate

basically a bunch of stuff that I want to change about myself.. and of course God wants me to be the best me anyway.. so I cut them into strips and shook em around and said a few prayers.. then I let each of the boys pick one.. and regardless of the outcome that I was begging God about.. I promised to do these three things.. Ethan picked the computer one (I thought I was in love with food, but I am REALLY in love with my computer. Talk about finding the motivation to clean house!) Gavin picked "Teach the boys about Jesus." (I always want to, but just don't. Until now.) and Ayden picked Go to church every Sunday.

Funny how the two religious ones got picked eh?? AND honestly, the computer one is by far the most drastic. I spend a lot of hours chilling on my puter. But now, I'm cleaning and hanging with the fellas more.

And can I just add in that I think this whole bump in the road that came up for us.. was really just a wake up call for me to change my ways - the three strips.. and Frank said the same thing about it making him realize what's really important in life and how he has to be a little more responsible at work..

I think it was meant to happen exactly  how it did.. because.. it is HIS plan and even if we see it as a negative sometimes.. it really isn't.

Okie doke.. off to clean and run to Target.. I'm icing my legs right now so I let myself have that 30-40 minutes on the puter cause I mean I ammm just sitting here unable to be productive.. hehehe

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