Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just some sentences

Have I mentioned that I miss running??? Yesterday I decided to completely stop doing Spin & Body Pump.. I am pretty intense with my workouts.. I have to be the best at what I do.. I'm sure it's some psycological insecurity or something.. but regardless, I am just not giving my knees the rest they need..

So goodbye gym friends.. see ya in a few months..

I'm thinking that a few weeks of nothing - except icing and stretching - will have me pounding the pavement in no time. I'm also buying a great pair of running sneakers, inserts, and a brace/strap for my knee.

Most importantly I'm going to ease into my runs this time. I'll be strictly following the 10% rule. Patience is not in my blood, but taking it slowly is an absolute must to avoid injury..

But let me stop with the running talk.. When I can, I will. Until then I just gained about 10 hours a week that was formerly spent at the gym.. and I can use that time to do cute little projects around the house. This chic is my idol. She is super talented, her home is georgous!!! And the best part - she does it all for a few bucks here and there.. which is right up my broke-ass alley..

Life is good, but God is great!

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