Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jesus Rocks

I am on a Jesus kicks folks.. I just can't help it.. I had a serious issue come up this week and I just prayed and begged and might have even offered a bribe.. and He came through for me. Again!

I am not the biggest prayer.. I stopped going to mass years ago (though I promised to start going again) but when I do pray, it's mostly just me giving thanks. I don't have too many requests in life.

One time, about a year ago money was just ridiculously tight and I thought it was crazy, but decided to give it a try. I went to bed that night and prayed that God would send me $3,000. I calculated our needs and added a little fluff money in there and 3,000 was my number. I kid you not, a Discover card application came in the mail within days and I went online as my husband without his knowledge and applied for a loan - no requested amount, just filled it out. And what do you know??? Frank I was approved for $3,000!!!!

PS I told Frank after we approved.. because he had to call and activate the cards. tee hee hee

Another time, Frank was oncall and working in the wee hours of the night.. I think the electricity went out during a storm and he got called in to fix it.. He left at 9 or 10pm.. we talked within the hour but then I hadn't heard from him. I went to sleep and woke up at 1am.. I called and called for an hour and a half and no answer!!! grrr..

Then, I swear I heard a whisper as clear as I hear my children, say "Call him now, Nicole." and I did and he answered.

Lastly, I again needed money very recently.. not that I needed it, our bills were covered, but we didn't have anything to sit on. I prayed again for money - no specific amount, just to send some my way =) and my mom came up and I started crying about being tight with money and she gave me $1,500.. now, mind you my mom comes up every Tuesday and I cry every few months.. and she hasn't offered me money.. hardly ever.. if I ask that's different, but her offering.. and not wanting it back.. prayers answered.

So this last time when I really needed my prayers answered.. I just knew Jesus would help me. And He so did!!! Okay, I didn't know for sure that He would.. because I am fully aware that His plan is not always in sync with mine.. but if my prayers weren't answered and fit hit the shan.. as crappy as that would be, I believe there would be a silver lining.

For example, when I smashed my truck up on Dec 21 (Merry freaking Christmas) I said to myself "If I didn't total my truck right here, maybe I would've gotten killed further into my travels." I can't help it. I am ridiculously optimistic. Frank loses his job? Well maybe he would've been killed traveling to work or on the job.

PS My truck getting wrecked got me a new truck, my dream truck, two days before Christmas. Silver Lining People!! and perspective.. definitely perspective..

Ugh, what a ramble.. I just had to update since my last post was about me still bugging before my prayers were answered..

PPS My prayers this time were because Frank was either getting let go or getting promoted at work.. and thank You Jesus he got promoted.. my oh my.. just because I know there is a silver lining, doesn't mean I don't stressed the hell out..

Overly optimistic, overly don't handle stress well at all..

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  1. I am the same as you! I rarely pray...mostly because I always forget about God during the day so I completely forget to pray...but lately, I've prayed because I've been finding myself in trouble needing his help and he has totally came through. It's awesome!