Sunday, July 15, 2012

Herlow, Jesus?

Do you ever feel like you need something to take the edge off?? I am pretty great at talking myself off the ledge.. I rarely lose it.. though my kids will likely tell you different.. but they don't know what "losing it" really means..

Lately I feel almost jittery.. it's anxiety and stress and just being overwhelmed with all the things on my To Do List.. it's like when you get on the scale and you see a grumpy number.. you say screw it and turn to food.. but if your number is a pleasant one.. then you (or at least I) am inclined to eat healthier..

That's how I feel when I am faced with so much to do.. I say screw it and do nothing.

But hey, at least I know my logic is illogical. That has to count for something.. I think it's Step 1 actually.. don't be in denial. So, at least I got that going for me.

I just need Jesus. I just feel like He isn't answering the door today. Or the phone. I know He's there.. here.. I just don't know where He is guiding me. I can't focus my energy on 80 million things. I just need to know should I focus on quality time with the kids, schooling, getting projects around the house done, a good deep cleaning, my work.. a little bit of it all? Too much, cross some off??

Herlow God, it's me, Nicole. I am in a stupor and need a hand. Thank ya ever so much!

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