Sunday, July 15, 2012

Apple Tree

aw man.. Ethan just wet his hands, walked up behind Ayden, pretended to sneeze (AH CHOO!!!) and shook his hands at Ayden to make it seem like he sneezed all over him..

Oh my word, hysterical..

Not to mention that he got it from me doing it to Gavin one day.. me doing it to my mother last week was the funniest one yet! Not even when it happened because she didn't freak like everyone.. she was just "Ill Nicole, you sneezed on me." but when I told her that I had in fact not  sneezed on her and was merely messing with her.. hahahaha

She was appauled.. I kill me..


I just made me and Ethan a pbnj sandwich.. as I'm typing the above post he's all nagging me for pancakes because Ayden's eating them.. nagging nagging nagging.. ahhh!!!

I raised my voice and "Alright! But you're ganna wait a minute!"

He covered his ears and said "Haha, you didn't hurt my ears."

If my dad were alive, he'd say "Be glad he wasn't twins."

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.. ; )

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