Friday, July 27, 2012

Sock it up & Run

Last week I eased back into running.. and since I was coming off an injury I took it super light.. and am going to be super smart about increasing my mileage.. unlike last time.. 

Sat - 1, Sun - 1, Tue - 2, Thu - 2, Fri - 2

This week:

Sat - 2, Sun - 2, Tue - 1.5, Thu - 2, Fri - 2

I ran today's run without socks.. ummm... never again! I saw that this super amazing super handsome hottie magoo ran without socks.. the fact that he is an ultra mountain marathoner who runs 100 mile races meant nothing.. if he does it then by golly I want to do it. Bad idea..

A blister on each of my heels.. awesome!! What. A. Fool.

Today was supposed to be 1.5 miles.. but at my turn to come home I was chillin like a villain.. I wasn't breathing heavy at all.. so I decided to take my 2 mile route.. but towards the end of it I started noticing my blisters.. so I took my sneaks off and ran barefoot for the last 2 blocks..

Carrying my two sneakers of course.. talk about seksi.. hahaha.. I must've looked like I escaped from the loony bin.. like uh ma'am.. those goes on yer feet..

Hopefully the blister won't interfere with tomorrow's run.. I will ticked that I ruined my run because going sock free looks cuter.. did I mention I'm a fool??

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jesus Rocks

I am on a Jesus kicks folks.. I just can't help it.. I had a serious issue come up this week and I just prayed and begged and might have even offered a bribe.. and He came through for me. Again!

I am not the biggest prayer.. I stopped going to mass years ago (though I promised to start going again) but when I do pray, it's mostly just me giving thanks. I don't have too many requests in life.

One time, about a year ago money was just ridiculously tight and I thought it was crazy, but decided to give it a try. I went to bed that night and prayed that God would send me $3,000. I calculated our needs and added a little fluff money in there and 3,000 was my number. I kid you not, a Discover card application came in the mail within days and I went online as my husband without his knowledge and applied for a loan - no requested amount, just filled it out. And what do you know??? Frank I was approved for $3,000!!!!

PS I told Frank after we approved.. because he had to call and activate the cards. tee hee hee

Another time, Frank was oncall and working in the wee hours of the night.. I think the electricity went out during a storm and he got called in to fix it.. He left at 9 or 10pm.. we talked within the hour but then I hadn't heard from him. I went to sleep and woke up at 1am.. I called and called for an hour and a half and no answer!!! grrr..

Then, I swear I heard a whisper as clear as I hear my children, say "Call him now, Nicole." and I did and he answered.

Lastly, I again needed money very recently.. not that I needed it, our bills were covered, but we didn't have anything to sit on. I prayed again for money - no specific amount, just to send some my way =) and my mom came up and I started crying about being tight with money and she gave me $1,500.. now, mind you my mom comes up every Tuesday and I cry every few months.. and she hasn't offered me money.. hardly ever.. if I ask that's different, but her offering.. and not wanting it back.. prayers answered.

So this last time when I really needed my prayers answered.. I just knew Jesus would help me. And He so did!!! Okay, I didn't know for sure that He would.. because I am fully aware that His plan is not always in sync with mine.. but if my prayers weren't answered and fit hit the shan.. as crappy as that would be, I believe there would be a silver lining.

For example, when I smashed my truck up on Dec 21 (Merry freaking Christmas) I said to myself "If I didn't total my truck right here, maybe I would've gotten killed further into my travels." I can't help it. I am ridiculously optimistic. Frank loses his job? Well maybe he would've been killed traveling to work or on the job.

PS My truck getting wrecked got me a new truck, my dream truck, two days before Christmas. Silver Lining People!! and perspective.. definitely perspective..

Ugh, what a ramble.. I just had to update since my last post was about me still bugging before my prayers were answered..

PPS My prayers this time were because Frank was either getting let go or getting promoted at work.. and thank You Jesus he got promoted.. my oh my.. just because I know there is a silver lining, doesn't mean I don't stressed the hell out..

Overly optimistic, overly don't handle stress well at all..

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Herlow, Jesus?

Do you ever feel like you need something to take the edge off?? I am pretty great at talking myself off the ledge.. I rarely lose it.. though my kids will likely tell you different.. but they don't know what "losing it" really means..

Lately I feel almost jittery.. it's anxiety and stress and just being overwhelmed with all the things on my To Do List.. it's like when you get on the scale and you see a grumpy number.. you say screw it and turn to food.. but if your number is a pleasant one.. then you (or at least I) am inclined to eat healthier..

That's how I feel when I am faced with so much to do.. I say screw it and do nothing.

But hey, at least I know my logic is illogical. That has to count for something.. I think it's Step 1 actually.. don't be in denial. So, at least I got that going for me.

I just need Jesus. I just feel like He isn't answering the door today. Or the phone. I know He's there.. here.. I just don't know where He is guiding me. I can't focus my energy on 80 million things. I just need to know should I focus on quality time with the kids, schooling, getting projects around the house done, a good deep cleaning, my work.. a little bit of it all? Too much, cross some off??

Herlow God, it's me, Nicole. I am in a stupor and need a hand. Thank ya ever so much!

Apple Tree

aw man.. Ethan just wet his hands, walked up behind Ayden, pretended to sneeze (AH CHOO!!!) and shook his hands at Ayden to make it seem like he sneezed all over him..

Oh my word, hysterical..

Not to mention that he got it from me doing it to Gavin one day.. me doing it to my mother last week was the funniest one yet! Not even when it happened because she didn't freak like everyone.. she was just "Ill Nicole, you sneezed on me." but when I told her that I had in fact not  sneezed on her and was merely messing with her.. hahahaha

She was appauled.. I kill me..


I just made me and Ethan a pbnj sandwich.. as I'm typing the above post he's all nagging me for pancakes because Ayden's eating them.. nagging nagging nagging.. ahhh!!!

I raised my voice and "Alright! But you're ganna wait a minute!"

He covered his ears and said "Haha, you didn't hurt my ears."

If my dad were alive, he'd say "Be glad he wasn't twins."

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.. ; )

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My first Run (again)

Workout:    first attempt at running since my runner's knee.. walked .2, ran .4, walked .2, ran .4, walked .2

First I said I was going to give my knee a break until September.. which turned into August within a day.. which within hours turned into Sunday July 29th.. that was a day or two ago.. then today I woke up and said to Frank "I think I'm ganna try running today." ha!

If it hurt, I was going to immediately stop. In fact, I only ran my block back and forth because Frank got called in and I had the kids incase it hurt I would be close to home. It is .1 mile from corner to corner.. I did some really good stretching beforehand, then walked two laps, ran four, walked two, ran four, walked two. Booya!!!  No pain at all.. came home and did even more stretching and am now icing - just to be safe.

Haven't been to church in years.. but I asked God for a big favor and in return I offered up some services.. actually what I did was write down about 30 things that I thought God would like of me.

Some examples:

Go to church every Sunday
Stop cursing
No computer before all my chores are done
Wake up early and meditate

basically a bunch of stuff that I want to change about myself.. and of course God wants me to be the best me anyway.. so I cut them into strips and shook em around and said a few prayers.. then I let each of the boys pick one.. and regardless of the outcome that I was begging God about.. I promised to do these three things.. Ethan picked the computer one (I thought I was in love with food, but I am REALLY in love with my computer. Talk about finding the motivation to clean house!) Gavin picked "Teach the boys about Jesus." (I always want to, but just don't. Until now.) and Ayden picked Go to church every Sunday.

Funny how the two religious ones got picked eh?? AND honestly, the computer one is by far the most drastic. I spend a lot of hours chilling on my puter. But now, I'm cleaning and hanging with the fellas more.

And can I just add in that I think this whole bump in the road that came up for us.. was really just a wake up call for me to change my ways - the three strips.. and Frank said the same thing about it making him realize what's really important in life and how he has to be a little more responsible at work..

I think it was meant to happen exactly  how it did.. because.. it is HIS plan and even if we see it as a negative sometimes.. it really isn't.

Okie doke.. off to clean and run to Target.. I'm icing my legs right now so I let myself have that 30-40 minutes on the puter cause I mean I ammm just sitting here unable to be productive.. hehehe

Friday, July 13, 2012

Bribing God Lately?

Have you ever made a deal with God?? I have, most recently yesterday. And then it got me thinking about how it was obviously a one-sided deal.. let's call it more of a peace offering.. or better yet a sacrifice. I will sacrifice A, B, and C and in return I would really  appreciate You to _________.

I thought for a moment, Geez I am bribing God! But that's not accurate because a bride is more of a if you do this, then  I'll do this. But my plan involves me keeping my end of the bargain no matter what. And if it's not in God's plan to have things work out the way Frank and I are praying they do, so be it.

I love God, I trust him completely. Even Gavin who, not knowing specifics, but knowing I was begging, pleading, bribing, and praying yesterday said to me "God doesn't make mistakes. Whatever happens is meant to."

Doncha love it when your offspring show such wisdom.. and more importantly FAITH.

Life is good, but GOD IS GREAT!!!

Oh, and just to add in.. our prayers haven't been completely answered, BUT something happened that was super duper allie ooper awesome that leads to our prayers being answered.

Thank You Jesus!!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just some sentences

Have I mentioned that I miss running??? Yesterday I decided to completely stop doing Spin & Body Pump.. I am pretty intense with my workouts.. I have to be the best at what I do.. I'm sure it's some psycological insecurity or something.. but regardless, I am just not giving my knees the rest they need..

So goodbye gym friends.. see ya in a few months..

I'm thinking that a few weeks of nothing - except icing and stretching - will have me pounding the pavement in no time. I'm also buying a great pair of running sneakers, inserts, and a brace/strap for my knee.

Most importantly I'm going to ease into my runs this time. I'll be strictly following the 10% rule. Patience is not in my blood, but taking it slowly is an absolute must to avoid injury..

But let me stop with the running talk.. When I can, I will. Until then I just gained about 10 hours a week that was formerly spent at the gym.. and I can use that time to do cute little projects around the house. This chic is my idol. She is super talented, her home is georgous!!! And the best part - she does it all for a few bucks here and there.. which is right up my broke-ass alley..

Life is good, but God is great!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Runner's Knee Recovery

oh em gee, I am so happy right now.. except for the excruciating pain that this bad boy is causing me..

not the actual knee pain, but the ice pack.. holy cold!! I consider myself a tough cookie.. I was in the Army, I have 7 tattoos.. I am a total suck-it-up-and-move-on kinda girl.. but cold water, ice, and snow are my kryptonite.. 

But back to the me being super happy part.. I ran track in HS and drastically increased my mileage in the Army, but after I got out in 2001 I pretty much stopped completely.

A few months ago I decided to pick it back up and it was like I never stopped. I ran 3 miles at a 10 min mile pace after a decade long hiatus and it felt amazing. I then ran pretty much every day or every other day for about 2 months and increased my mileage (up to 6 miles) and my pace (8:20s). It was euphoric.

Then one day the bottom of my left knee started killing me. I reduced my runs to 3 miles and only ran 2 or 3 times a week.. still no relief.

I have taken up Spin 5x a week and Body Pump 2x a week, but it's just not the same..

I pretty much conceded that I had to give up running. I actually get ticked seeing people run on the side of the road now. But then I thought about people who have lost limbs and can't even do Spin or Body Pump.. so I put my big girl panties on stopped whining.

Ok, well I guess I didn't really "concede" because today I was googling recovery tips ; ) I've thought about trying a new pair of sneakers.. or if adding inserts would help ease the thump thump thump of the pavement.. and then today I thought What if my foot strike is wrong?

So I went to a professional and googled proper running foot strike and guess what.. I am a total heel striker!! Which is bad, but majorly awesome too!! Majorly awesome because that means I can very likely take some more time off, keep this friggen ice pack on, and then practice proper form while running again!!! I don't care what kind of goofball I look like trying to ensure my stride is correct.. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon enough..

I'm going to shoot for Sept 1 as being my next run.. and this time I won't go from a decade of not running to running 30 miles the first week which looking back was completely foolish.. I was just so in love with running.. I was running in the snow and the rain.. heaven!!

And hey, this heat sucks anyways.. so I'm not missing much.. oh my goodness gracious - I can not wait!!!