Sunday, June 10, 2012

Personal Trainer & the Sock Bun

I may have just dropped the big ole MF.. I wrote my post, hit spell check.. wanted to delete one word.. and poof.. whole thing was gone..

Take Two

I came on here to read some of my motivational posts.. some I posted, some live in my drafts folder.. I'm my own Life Coach.. maybe that's  my problem!

I had an ah-ha moment today as I was driving my broke ass home from the gym.. I am a bookkeeper and I work from home for the most part.. I was thinking about how to use some of my free time to get some more cash flow coming in.. here's what I came up with...

One of my bosses owns 3 Retro Fitnesses.. I was thinking I can offer him a proposition.. no, not that kind.. If he pays for my Personal Trainer Certification, then in return I can give some kick ass Spin Classes or whatever he prefers for free for a few months at one of his locations..

That's step one.. step two would be having post card sized business cards made up.. I'll put my pic on there so they can see I'm fit.. and I'll put that I was a former US Army Sergeant.. then I'll go to the cute little cafes in the ritzy neighborhoods and make friends..

Whatcha think?? bwahahahaha... *sigh* maybe being broke isn't so bad after all..

On a totally random note.. I found a really cool youtube hair tutorial.. I currently have a cut sock in my hair.. I'm too lazy to put the link.. but if it works I definitely will!

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  1.'d the sock bun go??? I've seen this on youtube - but never tried it...