Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fresh New Month

How in the world is it July already?? I didn't do any summer work with the kids yet.. I didn't lose any weight for bikini season.. well actually I did.. for one week.. but apparently if you go back to your old ways, you go back to your old weighs..

Oh hot dang.. tell me that shouldn't be on one of those cartoon pictures on pinterest!!! I'm good..

I have tons I want to get posted before my six brain cells forget the events ever occurred.. but, not tonight..

Aunt KT passed away on Thursday.. she was 93 and the last week or two was not doing well, so I'm glad she's up above and not in any more pain.. Viewing tomorrow, funeral Monday..

Gotta go to NY all day Tuesday, BBQing with the family on Wednesday, and Carmen's on Thursday.. boy oh boy Friday can not come soon enough.. I am going to lay out if the weather permits and then come inside and plant my arse on the sofa until it goes numb..

Ta Ta..

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