Friday, May 4, 2012

You are not wearing that!

Ethan comes downstairs every morning fully dressed in jeans or as he calls them "button pants" (refuses to wear sweats or non button pants) and sneakers.. drives me nuts for my kids to wear their shoes in my house, but it's a losing battle.. anywho.. he's looking more and more like a freak as he gets older..

I forget why he was so pissy in this one.. but I am 99.99999% sure it's something along the lines of me not letting him get Mr. Softee or play my laptop or have candy fro breakfast..

 Ethan wear do you want this tattoo? On my FACE!! Where do you want this one? On my FACE!!

This was at like 8 oclock in the morning.. can you see the lime green stains on his shirt?? Um yeah, he got a hold of the food dye and "colored" my white cabinet, his clothes, his hands, my floors, my sink.. and for the record.. it was on Daddy time..

Another morning pose.. look at them, they still have sleepy eyes.. he's so weird with the hats.. its May in NJ.. LOL

Snow boots??!?!

But here's Ayden, so maybe it isn't just Ethan..

Ma! Take a picture of me. Do I look cool? Yes Ayd, super cool! No more response, but his expression say "I knew it." 


  1. Your boys are very handsome. I am not at the stage yet of letting them express themselves, but when they do..they can express themselves fashion wise in the house! lol. How do you manage 3 boys! You are a supermom!

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