Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow

Ok, so I just keep gaining weight.. not huge amounts, but I have consistently gained 1 - 2 lbs every single month for the past year.. for a total of 15 lbs.. nothing major, I know.. except I've been trying to lose some and not only has that not happened.. but the freaking scale is going in the wrong direction..

My problem is that I eat what I want, when I want it.. which used to work just fine until I turned 30 and my metabolism started malfunctioning.. and my other problem (and here's the real kicker) is that I'm only 5'0" so the amount of calories that I should be eating is too little for my food loving self..

I'm sure this sounds familiar to most women:

I need to just suck it up and eat light for a bit and lose some of this weight..

30 minutes later...

Screw it! I look good for being 33 and having 3 kids!

chomp chomp chomp

Crap! Why'd I do that?! Great, another day down the drain.. Ok for real  this time, tomorrow I start the new me.

Why is eating less (or healthier) so gosh darn hard?? I just don't get it.. I am a pro when it comes to diet and health.. I spend hours on the computer every single day gaining the tools I need to be well informed.. I've taken many nutrition classes in college, I have friends and colleagues who are certified nutritionists, I really am quite knowledgeable in the area..

But having the information doesn't make saying no the oreos yesterday any easier.. I work out 6 or 7 hours a week.. and my workouts are quite intense.. I walk away soaking wet.. I chug water all day every day like it's nobodies business.. I got it down.. except for the whole my-diet-is-made-up-of-pure-shit thing..

But my millions of followers.. TODAY IS SERIOUSLY THE FRIGGEN DAY!!!

I am saying good bye the emotional eater within.. I am tying her up and throwing her in the dungeon.. asta la vista baby..

Spirit Guide is now running this ship!!


  1. Good luck! I have the same problem, and I go through times where I can control eating and times when I don't give a flip. I think ingesting lots of sugar weakens my resolve to have willpower.

  2. i'm with ya sista! i gave up on weight watchers and joined the Y and amd just making mylelf exercise at least 5 times a week and eat healthier. i guess i'm finally over being a fatty cause i lost 4 pounds this week ;) good luck!