Friday, May 4, 2012

Oh no he didn't!!!

I must've jinxed myself yesterday.. ya know when I was saying what a great guy the hubs is.. because he was anything but nice this morning.. I am so mad right now.. I put my cell on vibrate (and then hid it from myself so I don't check it 23x every second) and unplugged the home phone.. oh yes I did..

I often make him sandwiches for lunch.. I know, I know, best wife ever... yeah mm hmm.. that's who I am.. you know who heeee  is.. hes the guy who opens the fridge before work only to have a container of yummy chicken chili fall on the floor.. didn't even open though.. I mean pick the thing up and put it back.. too hard?? apparently, for him, it is..

He drops the eff bomb.. as if someone intentionally set him up.. then I hear him say something like "Oh, ok, how about I leave it like that?!" all grumpy..

Oh no he friggen didn't!!!!!

I go in the fridge to see what he did to get my creamer.. and the *(&#^#$%#^% left the container all cockeyed so that it has a very high chance of falling again!!! And my friends, WHO IN THE &%$% is going to clean that shit up when me or the boys opens the door and it falls and likely spills this time????

Can you believe that shit?!?!? Like dude, obviously one the kids left it in a weird position.. it didn't spill.. get over it.. but set me up to have a disaster happen? Imma kill em..

Oh and need I say homey can starve at work for the next few weeks.. cause the sandwich maker just quit..

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