Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother's Day

I'm going to be honest here.. not that I'm normally not! LOL But I'm going to tell a little secret..

When I used to work at this one particular job 6 or 7 years ago.. my boss would often give me off the books cash bonuses.. sometimes $200, often $500, and once or twice $1,000!! Talk about having a sweet job!

Well, when I would be blessed to get one of these bonuses I would LIE to my husband and tell him I got less.. usually half of what I really got. Now mind you I put the other half into a savings account that he didn't know existed for emergencies.. I swear! And if I ever did decide to dip into it, it was always for bills, or family dinner's out.. I never went shopping or anything like that..

But I just felt like we needed an emergency fund.. and I thought if I told him, he'd go spend it on tattoos or something..

Exhibit A:

This was years ago.. but yesterday I came home from the gym and there was $120 on the counter.. mind you our savings has long been depleted and me working very part time means we are broke mudder fackos.. so I'm all "Woo hoo, who's money honey?!" And he tells me some lady at his job asked him to do some side work and gave him the loot.. I"m thinking good for him! And he goes on to tell me she tried to give him $150 but he wouldn't take it and even when she said $120 he still felt she was offering too much, but she wouldn't let up, so he took it..

How friggen sweet is he? He's always like that.. good soul..

So of course I'm thinking.. shit, I could use a 20 bill.. and he says "You want $60?" I felt so ashamed for all the times I wasn't as honest..

I told him I would certainly take $60 but that I was going to buy much needed new gym sneakers and that would be his Mother's Day gift to me..

Taaa Daaa.. I lurve them.. and him..

Oh, but I did also add that my "other" Mother's Day gift was for me to do absolutely nutten next Sunday.. ; )

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