Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Mash

Memorial Day BBQ went well.. had a few friends over, we got to catch up and enjoy some yummy food.. all the kids got along.. nice weather.. good stuff..

Frank was at the grill and I told him that I wanted a Boca Burger and that he just needed to heat it up real quick.. and then he put down the real food and oh my word, those hot dogs in all their charred glory sent thoughts of Boca Burgers out the freaking window.. they looked soo good.. nom nom.. and I don't even like hot dogs!

We had so much food leftover, so Frank hooked us up again today.. and again I forgot the potato salad and beans until after we ate.. I have no memory at all.. I blame it on my high school years.. in fact, so does my mother.. I told her the other day she was getting to be like me.. and she replied with "And I didn't even smoke pot!" haha.. coming from a woman who has never done drugs or drank in her life.. it was pretty funny..

My veggie dip was fat free chobani with those powder packets of dip mix.. I used Ranch.. dude, 18g protein, no fat, and only 100 calories for the entire container of dip.. add a mountain of veggies.. and oh my my.. cold and crunchy and flavorful.. I want more..

I attempted the rainbow cake for my first time.. I went with four colors instead of six because I was lazy  rushing, but it came out good.. it tasted even better than it looked.. it was seriously so delish!!

And on a completely random note.. here are some photos I have sitting in my phone..

I think this one works a lot better when they can't see that it's YOU pulling your own hair Ayd..

Do your kids have a goofy face that they do just  to make you laugh?? Ethan one day made a goofball face that sent me and my mom into hysterics.. so of course, he does it all the time now and thinks he's Jim Carrey Jr.

Don't mind the blue chalk.. he walked in from outside and told me he was "trying to be blue all over" then told me to take a picture of him.. total nut job like his mama..

And here's yet another pic of him after dressing himself.. don't mind the red eye.. I forget how he got it.. nothing physical.. more like soap in the eye.. ?? I forget.. Mother of the Year, I know..

The two different socks kill me.. I can't deal with it.. in the house I don't mind, but we don't go out like that.. the two younger ones do it on purpose and think they're hot shit.. this pic kills me.. he is forever pointing with the middle finger.. and the show on tv is The Good Witch on Hallmark.. oh my word they had a marathon that day and I spent 6 hours watching all three movies.. lol I am a total sucker for Hallmark movies! Love love love them..

And yet another totally random note.. I have had an epiphany recently.. I have pretty much been at this weight forever (at least since high school).. and I always thought how I'd be so much prettier, cooler, happier, hipper, etc.. if I was just a little bit smaller.. and then.. I friggen gained like 10 pounds.. well now I lost those ten pounds and am so happy at my original weight that I used to be unhappy at! Ya get all that?? Point is.. perspective is everything!!!! When I was this small last time I didn't appreciate it and wanted more.. but now that I have come down from a bigger size.. I am so happy to be in this body.. I wasted so much time wanting more when what I had was plenty good!

Life is good, but God is great!!

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