Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mom to all boys

Wasn't ganna link up, outta sheer laziness.. but now that I knocked quite a few things off my To Do List.. I'm bored.. and wanna dote on my babies..

This is Gavin.. also know as GavStar and G Dawg, oh and Gavina when we want to tease him.. ; )

He's 13.. and nothing like I imaged my teenaged son to be like.. he is so kind and sweet. So much so I have to remind myself (and the hubs) to lay off of him sometimes. He's so willing to help out it's hard not to add in one more quick "Hey Gav, can you.....?" because it's such a huge help!

Two days a month I do the bookkeeping for 3 Retro Fitnesses and I don't get home from NY until 8pm ish.. sometimes later.. by that time, Frank is exhausted from work, and the little two are happy to see me, but also ready for bed.. but not my Gavin.. he gives me a hug, asks me how my day was, sits with me while I eat something.. it's like he was waiting for me all day. I can not tell you how this kid just melts my heart.

Next up is Ayden, aka A Dawg or Ayders

We should've named this kid Frank Jr. Talk about his father's clone. They're both night owls and not so fond of authority.. lucky me. Ayden is super smart and super active.. He smiles all the time.. when he's nervous.. or happy.. or in trouble.. His teachers and I love this, let me tell ya! Can't wait to see what he grows up to be.

Last up is my Ethan.. Gavin and Ayden are so completely different.. night and day.. so when I found out I was having a third boy I seriously cried hysterical I just couldn't imagine him being different than the other two. I mean if he wasn't like one of them, then he'd surely be like the other since they were so different. No. Not the case. At all. He is unique all on his own. Ornery as Frank likes to call it. I just call it B-A-D. Tells me no, runs away, makes up stories that he tries to pass off as being true (most people call this lying. lol) Told me the other day that he was going to name his child "nipple" yep, nipple! We were all sitting there making up silly names for the boys to name their children: garbage can, ketchup.. and he comes up with nipple.

I'm 90% sure I'm done having children.. not having a girl tugs at my ovaries sometimes.. but I doubt I'll try again.. I mean, I'd probably just have another boy anyways.. ha! But that's okay.. I love my little men to pieces.. and they love me =)

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  1. Glad you updated! I might or might not be a stalker now. I mean we're basically twins ;)