Saturday, April 28, 2012

Intense Workouts

I have been killing it at the gym lately.. I used to do an hour of intense Spin class a few times a week.. but it got too crowded.. and you had to show up at least 45 mins prior to class to get a bike.. uhh, no thanks..

Hence me starting to run.. it's free, fast, no travel, no sign up sheet..

Buuuut, running doesn't bode well with my left knee.. which really sucks because if I'm ganna quit running I want it to be because I can't breath.. not because I'm limping after 3 miles.. I can do 2 or even 3.. but once I hit that 3 mile mark.. I'm done for a few days.. and 3 miles at a little less than 9 min pace isn't burning off the slice of cheese I had.. nevermind the donuts!

So.. I decided that I was going to give Spin another try.. I even went an hour early!!! and guess what?? They ordered 22 new bikes.. no more full classes.. whoop whoop.. I'm hooked!! again..

I took it a step further though and have been doing another class after Spin.. I am totally digging the Body Pump class.. an hour of weight lifting.. light weights, lots of reps.. I neverrrrr do my arms.. the first day put me outta commission for the next 3 or 4 days! But then I went back and was fine the next day..

Now if I can stop eating like a 300 lb man.. I might actually see results..


  1. hahaha! the 300 lb man comment almost made me spit out my drink! and just so we're clear - i loathe running. we can no longer be friends ;) i kid.

  2. i totally agree! this made me crack up:D