Thursday, April 19, 2012

Homeschooling Say Whaaat

Big news..

We're officially a homeschooling family.. yep.. we're bringing Amishville to Jersey people.. Gavin's falling behind and Ayden's been picked on twice now.. and when I say "picked on" I of course mean assaulted in the boys bathroom.. first incident the kid took Ayden's arms and held them behind his back.. and then the last time the same kid punched him in the stomach 3 times.. and left a red mark..

The nurse called and said "Hi Mrs. Buser, nursey here. There was an incident in the bathroom. Another child punched Ayden in the stomach and it did leave a little red mark, but it's okay. He's back in class."

Enter Mother Bear:

Um what?!?!?! No, it's not "okay"! Get my son out of class now and tell the principal I want to talk to him. I'll be there in 5 minutes!

I wanted to ask her if it would be "okay" if I punched her in the stomach and left a red mark.. or if she would have me arrested. Flipping moron! I mean look at that cutie patootie..

This is what Ethan came downstairs looking like.. the kid wakes up and gets fully dressed, sneakers and all, every morning.. today he decided a hat was needed.. and what is with that face?? Goober!

Anywho.. the homeschooling is going better than I could've hoped for.. I am loving it!! And so are they.. my friends think I'm crazy.. but I seriously love it.. it's so awesome being home with them all day.. feeding them knowledge.. seeing them process it all and be proud of themselves when we do our quizzes.. no stressful after school routine.. when we are done around 1pm.. we are completely done for the day.. herlowww.. awesome!

Ethan is getting the shaft a bit.. but today he wanted to join in so we went over writing his name.. he lasted 10 mins tops and then wanted to go play.. ha!

He is a trip with the faces, right? Total knucklehead..

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  1. Uh...punched in the stomach?!?!?! Holy cow I would have LOST IT!!! This crap with these kids is getting REDIC! Good for you for pulling him and homeschooling! I hope it works out for y'all and they LOVE it!!!