Friday, March 30, 2012

Treadmill Time

I have so much to catch up on. I really need to start updating more often..

I have been slacking in the running department.. but in my defense, you can't really run with hiney problems.. (super duper painful hemorrhoid - I got no shame) I logged 31.7 miles for the month of February.. and being as I just started running Feb 4th that was pretty amazeballs! I mean I ran a bunch in the Army, but that was foreverrrr ago.. I've probably ran less than 30 miles in the past 10 years..

So now March started nearing its end and I didn't want to update that my total mileage was 9 miles.. even with me taking a week off due to my hiney hurting.. so yesterday I went to the gym and...

I had planned on running 6 miles.. but at mile 2 I hit the pause button to gulp some water.. and it wouldn't let me unpause it.. I kinda felt a little sick and dizzy, plus we were going out to dinner.. so I decided to call it a day.. got my gear and walked to my car..

and of course forgot my keys inside.. derrr.. but, the weirdest thing happened.. by the time I got to my truck I was a little ticked at myself for stopping at 2 miles.. plus I felt 100% better.. so you know what I did.. I went back in for more!! Oh yeah baby.. I felt so proud of myself.. I really wanted to do 4 and just get it over with.. but yeesh.. I was tired.. So I told myself I'd do 2 more.. then go do some arms, then come back and do a 3rd set of 2 miles.. and rack up my 6 total like I originally planned.. except at mile 2 I felt good and decided to do 2.5.. but then I had a genius idea.. I said I'll do 2.75 this way I would for sure get back on a 3rd time!! Because even if I was super tired from doing 2 sets.. there's no way I'd leave without at least doing .25 to round it off to an even 5 miles!! I know me! so that's why I did 2.75 the 2nd time..

The whole arm routine did not work out.. tons of guys in there.. and my nipples were at full attention.. ugh!! I mean I was sweating.. not cold.. what the frig?? Yeah, I couldn't look at myself in the mirror, nor did I want to turn around and face someone else.. so I did one quick set and got back on the tread.. for the 3rd time!!!!

So even though it took me 3 times.. I got my 6 miles in.. booyah!!

Today my legs were sore.. but I made myself do 3 miles before work.. well, at work technically.. I do the bookkeeping for a store that sells gym equipment and it's closed on Fridays.. so I take Ethan and we go chill.. hehe.. coincidentally I do bookkeeping for 3 Retro Fitnesses too.. ironic..

Todays run was slooooooow.. but whatever.. =) Oh and that whole me burning 416 calories.. uhh hell to the no.. I didn't enter my weight.. but when I entered this run in on Log Your Run.. it said 215-230 I forget.. but those are my accurate #s.. I guess maybe a 300 lb person might burn 400+ miles running 3 miles at 10 min pace.. but not me.. ha!

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  1. hey! i just saw your comment and came here to answer your questions and read some of your posts. you were cracking me up in the food one about making it a week on plan! i just joined weight watchers - again - and am struggling back and forth. why is food so good? i don't want to eat healthy, i just want to be skinny. anyone? ha! anyway - yes cole is named after me - i mean with no girls i had to give myself credit somewhere ;) and prob no more babies. if i knew i'd have a girl, then yes, but i don't, so prob not. 3 boys is a lot - as you know :) nice to meet you! oh - and yes over here on the wee bit of jealousy towards ALL my friends who have girls :) my bff has 4 boys - so we have each other to cry to over it. kidding.