Friday, March 9, 2012

A full week's success!!

I bought the juicer and have been making one round for me and Frank each morning before we have anything else. I would like to do it at night, but the clean up is just not worth it. Not that it's even that hard or time consuming, but once a day is enough for me.

I have been doing great with not overeating. Juice in the morning, coffee a few hours later, salad for lunch, and whatever dinner I want, just in a normal person's portion. It feels good. Having control and not feeling so stuffed all the time.

It has only been one week, but it's sort of like quitting cigarettes I imagine. It just gets easier.  I feel less tempted to turn to food when the kids are all talking to me at once or arguing over whatever it is they fancy at that moment. In fact, Frank had to run to Vitamin Shoppe tonight for his crack Jacked 3D and it's in the same shopping center as Salad Works so I decided that I'd go get a different salad (I have been eating spinach and strawberry salads alllllllll week long). Well, on the way he mentioned Taco Bell. I told him do what he wants, but I'm not getting any.

And I meant it. We ended up skipping both joints, but I was proud that I said no. I could've had him drive me to any fast food spot, but I resisted.

Did I mention I am only 5 days into my fast food recovery?? Yeah, I am IN LOVE with Dominos pizza, Burger King, and McDonalds. Wendy's used to be my #1, but the others have edged out in front. Especially Dominos. I recently upped my order from 2 pies to 3!!!!!!!! Frank pretty much gets his own. Then me and the boys would share one. But me and the baby need more! He cries if there isn't any leftover for later on or the next morning. I hear ya kid!!

I was eating fast food three nights a week. And that is not counting the afternoon runs to the bakery for me and Ethan. The other two will get something too, but not finish it. Ethan gets and finishes 2 things and I get about 4. That and the bagel shop. Oh my my. I get a plain with butter microwaved. An everything w/ cream cheese microwaved. And a cheese danish. I was doing that 3x a week for lunch for months now.

My only other bad food habit was candy. I'd be anxious, hungry, stressed and I'd make a loud announcement "Who wants candyyyy?!?!?!" and whatever was going on, whatever argument over video games or cries that they're hungry (but not for the food we have at home).. they were gone!! And what we had was 4 happy little spirits bouncing to the car for a candy run. I'd easily drop $15 at CVS for us. We did that once a week.

But not this week. This week the little devils tempted me with all their might. "Can we pleeeease get ____?" and I just replied with "No, I'm making ________." =) I'm super proud of myself. And I saved... okay, well I guess I didn't save anything because I spent well over $100 on just fruits and vegetables. I couldn't believe it. I was thinking $40 - $60.. But it's better than spending it on food that was going to make me feel like shit - physically and mentally!!

I am a small girl. Not super tiny, but small enough. I'm five foot even and pretty much stayed at 106 - 109 since high school 16 years ago. But a year ago it crept up to 112. I know a measly 3 lbs, but I noticed it and who wants to gain weight anyways? Not me. But I didn't care that much and kept going with my carb loving, emotional eating ways. Then about three months ago it crept again, this time up to 115. And I decided that I don't want to start gaining weight. 10 lbs is noticeable on me. My clothes are tighter. My shirts show my muffin and pudge. My arms are flabbier. No thank you! So I finally stopped my crazy eating, well at least for this past week I did. And I totally plan on continuing it. And I went from 115.5 last Sunday to this morning (Friday) 112.4. woo hoo!

Did I mention I am rewarding myself with not one but two Arby's beef & cheddars on Monday. Oh yes I am!! I know all the rules say don't reward with food, but why not?? It's my love language! I did great all week and damn it I want a beef and cheddar! Ok two. But I am keeping my calories within limit. AKA I'm not eating anything else all day. LOL I know that's so bad, BUT I am eating super healthy all week long and in order for me to continue I have to have one cheat day meal day meal. Whatever it is. I am taking Ethan and we'll eat there for lunch, then I'm taking one to go and that's dinner.

Then I'll go back to eating salads and shit for another week and then Friday me and my girls are celebrating a friend's birthday at a hibachi joint. Oh yeah!! Plus, my favorite bakery makes "green and whites" on St. Patty's day instead of "black and whites" and since I only eat the vanilla part, it's basically a dream come true!!

Ok ok. I have to stop so my adrenaline slows down or I'll never get to bed.


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