Thursday, March 15, 2012

Faux Stress

Professional blogger I am not. Most of the blogs I read are that of professional bloggers.. I am not sure how much they rake in, but getting a check in the mail instead of all bills or spam must be nice! But here, it's just a ton of random babbling without rhyme, reason, or photos..

So let's have another session of that, shall we??

I have so much on my mind today.. disorganized thoughts ping ponging off one another.. I can not stay focused on anything long enough to sort it out and solve.. hoping typing it out will help..

1. Do I want to have another child? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a daughter.. my mother and I are so close and I can't imagine not having a daughter to shop with or lunch with or just bond in that way only girls can as I get older. And if I don't have any more kids.. should I get permanent birth control.. I am on the NuvaRing but it's still altering my natural state. And the risks increase with age.

2. Do I invest some money into sprucing up the house up? I am constantly looking here or there thinking that it could look so much cuter.. new paint, new trim, new throw rugs and pillows, new curtains, change up the bathroom, oh my.. it's so expensive.. I don't know where to start or what to do.. what if I paint something and I don't like it.. (again!!) and paint has to come first before I can match my accessories to it.. tough life I know..

3. Should I start a garden? Should I do a simple one that won't produce much or should I go big and take on a bigger project, but reap bigger results? Where should I do it?? How will I keep it protected from the animals and kids??

4. Should I home school the kids? They sit at desks all day with stressed out teachers who expect them to behave like little adults.. then after their 6 hour long day they come home with more work.. and heaven forbid they don't do it.. I get a rude email about how my 7 year old is holding up the entire class because he didn't have his questions ready. I have conferences tonight.. if Frank doesn't come (I don't expect he will) she is going to get an ear full.. if I can muster up the confidence.. cause I'm one of those all talk kind of gals.. remember..

Umm.. I can't think of anything else.. okay so I guess I'm not all stressed out and overloaded.. I just have a false feeling that I am.. ha!

So basically I need to repaint the kitchen for the millionth time, find cheap decor to make my house prettier.. nix the garden idea (because learning how is too much effort right now) and spruce up the yard with some landscaping instead.. oh and I need to tell my son's teacher to kiss off in the nicest way possible.. bitch

And I'm ganna go with the no more babies route.. and hold off on permanent birth control for another year..

Because doing nothing is always easier..

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