Saturday, February 4, 2012

Half Marathon Training

3 miles / 30 minutes

Well, I signed up for the Long Branch Half Marathon. Not that I am a runner by any means though. LOL I was tempted to shoot for the full marathon, but Frank's doubt kinda scared me. He gave me the look that said "Dang. How do I tell her she really shouldn't do that without being rude?" Props for trying to be supportive though honey.

I just figured that if I signed up and put my money where my mouth is, then I'd probably start running to train for it. Otherwise I knew my exercise regime would stay at non-existent. And if you are going to run in a marathon, or "half" in my case, this is the one you want!! It's right on the ocean and it's terrain is as flat as a pancake. I have always lived near the ocean and it's my go-to place when life gets hectic and I need to reconnect with God. It's going to make the miles fly.

The only thing I am not thrilled about is running alone for my training. I have an above average fear of being attacked. I tried looking for running groups in my area, but it didn't pan out. None of my friends exercise, I say I don't exercise and that's only because I used to be hardcore into Spin class and haven't gone since November, but in general I get my workouts in - sometimes more than others. But my friends never work out, like seriously not since gym class. Ha!

Except for one girl who I wasn't too close with in school, or the decade after that, but for about 5 years now we have become close. I joined the Army at 18, she joined the Marines. We both got married as a teen on the same day! May 23, 1997, had a baby 18 mo later, and was divorced a year after that. And then we both met our current husbands, got married (again!) and have been with our spouses for ten years! Eerily similar while not even being friends at the time.

Anywho, I said to Frank she was my only option - and boy if I don't love that girl, she said yes! So at 8am I drove to her house and we took off. We ran 3 miles in 30 mins and we didn't stop once.

Not sure if I can count on her for my entire training, but I'm ganna try!!

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