Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

So my fast didn't start yesterday. My mom asked me to go out to breakfast, we haven't been in a while, and then.. it was just down hill from there. Today, however, was much gooder. I had a Clif Bar around 1:30pm and then 10 chips w/ salsa around 5pm. Just fed the kids some ooey gooey warm waffles and was tempted to go for round 3, but so glad I just walked away instead.

I know I didn't totally abstain from food, but I didn't really set out for that. I contemplated it, but even just drastically reducing my intake will give my body a much needed rest.

Gavin came to me last night and asked if I knew where his Rosary beads were. I gave them to him and then he asked if I could teach him how to say it. I wrote down all the prayers and he came home after school so proud that he had memorized them all. And I must say, I am super proud too!


I died my hair the other day and went from love to hate in a matter of days (surprise! surprise!) I have had mousy brown hair with highlights for the past ten years or so and I was just sick of it. Every time I see a woman with super dark brown hair I get jealous/envious.. but in a good way - if there is such a thing. I just mean I don't get angry, I get like "Ohhh, girlfriend. Nice hair!" =) So I finally took the plunge and died mine super dark. Except, from past experience I know that I don't like plain Jane boring hair on me. So I decided to do one peek a boo highlight under my bangs and one under each ear.

So today I bought a highlighting kit to break up the dark brown.. and then in typical me fashion, I immediately decided I did not like the highlights and dyed it right back to dark brown. So this is what I still look like.. after damaging my hair for no reason at all.

I really need to find out how to do my eyebrows.. I plucked them in high school and they never grew back. My mom did the same thing and hers never grew back either. So weird. I don't know anyone else who has had that happen to them. Anywho. Gavin wants me to take him to church and I can make 7pm mass if I hurry!


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