Thursday, February 16, 2012

6 miler!!

I ran 6 miles this morning in a few seconds shy of 60 minutes.

And then, I got choked up and almost cried because I was disappointed in myself.

I can stress enough that I. am. a whacko!!

Ya see, I set out to run 7. I also was hoping that my time would've been slightly faster. But thankfully the hubs brought me back to reality. I mean I haven't run 6 miles ever. I ran a bunch of 4.5s in the Army and our road marches were insanely long, but that's marching with tons of gear on your back and boots on your feet (and weapon in hand ; ) Totally different (but just as hard) than running.

Can I call it "running" because I'm really just "jogging". But that's what people call it, right?

But anyways.. yeah so I was so ticked that I stopped and had to walk at mile 6.. and that my time was so long. But after talking with the hubs he made me feel like a champion! And I am gosh darn it! It's my day off, no kids here, I could've done anything and I chose to jog run my tail off. *pats self on back* hehe

Definitely need a few days off after 6 miles. My hiney is sore and of course my legs. By mile 4 I was spent. I was soooo thirsty and not that I was hungry, but I definitely shouldn't run longer runs on an empty stomach. My body was weak. I think if I had 2 or 3 bites of a protein bar and some water I would've made it to mile 7. But I'm new at this. Live and learn. Today was my longest run ever and I learned some new things as well. Nothing else to it.

Frank said "Babe (or maybe Hon) you just ran a 10K. Good job!" I heart that man of mine.

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