Thursday, January 26, 2012

Parenting is not my Forte

Geez Louise.. I am feeling like a complete failure in the parenting department lately. Gavin has two Ds so I took away all the electronics until he brings them up. But then he comes home with a book report and a humongous report on the crisis going on in Darfur. Nevermind he does an hour or two of tutoring after school. The kid has been up till 10pm getting it all done. And I'm not the most patient parent, especially after 7pm.

Do I let him stop doing his homework because he's taking 3 hours to do something most kids have done in less than an hour? And that's not just my opinion. My mom, Frank, and coincidentally I had two very close family friends over this week who saw him first hand take hours to write a simple book summary that was 3 paragraphs long. He just.. I don't know. He'll be listening in to our conversations - and actual ask a question or make a comment! Like dude, do your work! I must say that 15 x a night.. Drives me bat shit crazy.

I have the two other ones screaming, running, singing, dancing, talking, laughing, asking for a snack or a drink. Where am I supposed to stick Gavin? I have him at the kitchen table so I can peek on him and be available for help. I could try his room, but the kids' room is up there too. I usually try and send them upstairs and keep Gavin downstairs.. but then the other two get the shaft.

Parenting is sooooooooooooooo hard. And this report. Oh man, I seriously just said a prayer asking God to be with me when we do it. Gavin is clueless on how to write an essay. It's his one and only weakness. But it is constantly expected of him so he is constantly struggling. He can get away with a book report. It's brief and after he writes it, I red pen it, he fixes it, and then it's done. But reports? Especially this one on Darfur. Holy Shit! Seriously, it's 15 pages long and the topic is (a) depressing and (b) hard to dumbdown. Gavin will read articles and they are so advanced he struggles to rewrite it in his own words.

Where's that leave me?? I can't write it. Annnnnd neither can he. Derrrr...

I don't know. I tried breaking it down during the week. Asking him to write 3 paragraphs just on displacement. And when I read it, it was obvious he just copied it off the internet. I don't know.

I just know I suck ass at parenting. Wanna few snipits??

Okay, shut up. My show's on.

Heyyyyy!!!! Don't touch that! That's for Gavin's class.

Ayden, just give him the toy. I don't wanna hear him scream.

Go clean your room and don't come down to pee or eat or get a drink until it's 100% cleaned.

Stop whining or I'm taking a picture of you and showing it to all your friends in school.

Gav, can we not do cupcakes this year? Because I don't have eggs. Because I don't wanna go back out in this crap weather.

Gavin, this is the last year I'm making cupcakes for school. If you want em next year, you're on your own.

Um, just a random thought.. I go pick Gavin up from school today. I pull up behind the one and only car in front of me. There's my Gavin. I wave. Nothing. I beep. Nothing. I'm seriously so close if it were nice out and my windows were down I could shout at a normal tone and he would hear me. I beep again (while flailing arms in the car like a crazy person.) Oh, hey. I didn't see you.

Oh yeah, project day is going to be juuuuuuuuuuust great!

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  1. I kind of feel your pain, and we don't have all the homework yet. I'm not sure how I will survive it. Parenting is HARD as can be! Hang in there!