Monday, January 30, 2012

Parent God Loving Children

I was just at Kelly's Korner and she was having a crappy day because her daughter doesn't listen too well.. and she feels like it reflects her.. and that in turn.. she's a bad mom.. Herlow?! Did I not just write about that yesterday?? Don't you just love when God puts the signs for sanity right up in your face like that?? Like, aw my Nicole feels alone, let me show her know the truth is otherwise. =)

So then Kelly said this other blog had a similar story and it was uplifting and funny.. so bored little me decided to check it out.. and oh em gee.. it was wonderful!!!!

It was so good I had Gavin come read it. It totally lifted my spirits..

I was feeling a million times better than yesterday anyways.. sometimes life just feels so overwhelming.. but, when it passes, you can see all your blessings again.

I was thinking about how I should write about where I am in my life.. I always write so that I can remember the kids.. but will my 50 year old self remember the 30 year old me?? I have a horrible memory, so my money is on No.

But talking in the 3rd person is so awkward.. soo maybe another day ; )

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  1. I read that on Kelly's blog too. I feel just like her on a lot of day, mostly I worry what others are thinking of me as a parent. My child sounds a lot like her Harper. Sometimes I cry because he is so wild, but I know God just gave him extra personality. Hope today is better for you! :)