Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Painting the Kitchen. Again.

What did you do this past holiday weekend?? My kids had off Friday and Monday so it was a long one for us. I got a bug up my butt and decided I no longer liked the rusty orangy color of my kitchen walls.. ya know, the ones I loved not too long ago. Yeah, them.

So I dug out the ole paint cans and threw some on the wall.. I figured I'd leave it up for a week and see what I liked.. plus it would be motivation to actually paint because I couldn't just leave random slabs of paint on my walls.. no no..

Gavin said my magenta looked like lipstick.. so that was a no go.. the gray was too blah.. but the navy blue?? Ooh la laa!! I couldn't believe I liked it as much as I did. I mean Navy for a kitchen??

So after... 5 minutes I was moving appliances, kicking the kids out of the kitchen and painting my walls!

Too bad it was too dark. That was a total buzz kill. Let me tell you.

The next morning, I woke up and couldn't deal. Then I thought, hey! I have some powder blue. I can do a few walls the lighter shade and brighten things up. So day two - light blue!

Another no go!! Do you know how hard and time consuming (!!!!!!!) painting a kitchen is. And mine is pretty big. Not new, but big.

Day three.. woke up absolutely despising the baby blue. Painted the big long wall white.. witch made my one navy wall really pop especially since it's small and has bright white trim. Whew, finally something I liked.

Then the opposite baby blue wall.. I chose a medium gray.. if you're counting that's navy, baby, white, then gray! Three of which made the final cut! I have one navy wall, three white walls, and two gray walls. Weird little nook thing gives me extra walls.

I like it. Not love, but like. But I'm thinking yellow on one tiny wall and then some new shelves.. with some color..

Sounds crazy, right?? LOL No one really likes it too much either. ha! I have got to get pics up. I will. Next post. Pinky promise!

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