Friday, January 6, 2012

My ghetto wreath

I just exported my other two blogs, both were private, into this one and boy oh boy do I feel fabulous for doing so! They were both private for a reason, mainly because I wanted a private outlet to work through two issues - each got their own blog. ha! But I allowed one to evolve into something far bigger than need be and the other, well, I gave it up to God.

So now, I have all my memories in one happy place. It's like cleaning out your pocket book, except on a much larger scale. Though I won't go as far to compare it to cleaning out the closets, or even the cabinets really.

I have been really addicted to craft blogs lately. Especially the thrifty ones! I have always loved people who decorate for the little holidays like St. Patrick's Day or St. Valentine's Day. If I drive by and see a pretty wreath or a light up something or other in the window, I just think it is so cute. So I have been googling homemade crafts for St. Valentine's day and I have a few good ideas.

But I got the itch to try a wreath today and boy oh boy, it is ghetto! But I love it anyways.

I took the top of the container that holds my Christmas decorations and I used an exacto knife to gut the middle out. Then I cut open a red paper bag from the dollar store and wrapped it up.

This is what I got. A little wonky around the edges, but I knew it was just the underneath part. I just did it so that if whatever I did didn't cover it entirely, there would be red showing through.

Then I took some fancy ribbon I bought a year or two ago to wrap around Christmas presents. Except that I never even opened the ribbon, so it was going to waste. And since I dared myself to make a cool wreath from materials I already had, this was perfect. It's red and white, but not too Christmasy.

Well, okay now that I'm looking at it again, I guess the snowflakes are a dead ringer, but that's why I added some white hearts!

It's not done, but it looks cute. Especially when I hang it with a big huge bow. Not quite sure what else I'm going to add onto the wreath, but it's too bare to leave as is. Oh, and those cardboard white hearts - they came from the bottom part of the inside of the red paper bag. The cardboard that keeps it a bit sturdier. And I thought, well gee, this won't work with it being paper and being outside.. so don't worry, I "laminated" them.. ya know, with scotch tape.



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