Monday, January 9, 2012

My 1st Mean Comment

I read blogs every night in bed. I have a few gossip sites I read, a few news sites, and a few blogs. It's my nightly ritual. Well, I've revamped my blog and I was messing around with my page and I saw "Spam Comments". I clicked on it and there were 2 I've never seen before. One was from a woman whose blog I used to read and one was from a stranger I've never heard of and there was no link back to her page. And you know what the little snot rag wrote:

"I'm really sorry for what happened, but you have your own blog so why go around to everyone elses and whine. Honestly."

It was written in Oct 2010 about my mother's house being robbed. Firstly, I'm not a big commenter on other people's blogs. I just like to read them. Secondly, let's not get overly dramatic with the whole "everyone elses" as if I even read more than 6 blogs. Boil my blood.. Rude little witch. I'm a nice person. You shouldn't be nasty to people. Let alone without leaving a link back to your page. Cause I am nice, but I would've written her a nasty nice little sutten-or-other.

But I'll listen to the voice that is telling me to.. "Let it go Nicole, it was over a year ago."

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