Friday, January 20, 2012


Did I butcher the spelling of that?? I'm a jersian, we don't typically make "jambalaya" but I love using it as a verb meaning - to throw a bunch of crap together ; )  And that's what this post is. A bunch of randomness thrown into one pot post. Shall we bullet it?

I am normally very focused on thing at a time. The instant I get a thought into my head, I'm basically obsessed with it. Hence my thinking of painting my kitchen, then actually painting it within the next 15 minutes. (Then hating it and painting it a new color each day for the next three days, but let's not go there again. Sigh)

But lately, I have several intense topics fighting for my attention and I just can't focus on any of them. So guess what? None of them are getting any progress made. grr..  I'm thinking about:
  • The homeless and volunteering or being brave enough to actually make bags and hand out food like one fabulous woman I read about. (Just asked her for her blog addy again since I didn't save it. I'll add her link when she emails me back.)
  • Repainting my kitchen yet again because after all that paint, I'm still not loving it. But what color(s)??? And then what accents? And I want cool shelves, but which ones? And what colors?
  •  Cleaning my house, like repainting dustboards and doing my blinds, and even switching some out that the kids and cat destroyed because nothing looks tackier than jacked up blinds! And right now, I am that house. Well, I pull mine up so you can't see the random crooked one, so no one sees it, but I know it's there!
  • Dr appointments for the kids. Seriously, I am definitely behind. And eye dr appts and dentist appts. For me too. I'm a total slacker.
  • Started exercising Jan 11, 2011 and went several times a week for every week until Nov 2011. Missed one day and have not gone back! That is a total me move. I told ya I get obsessed. But let me break the routine and it's like that habit never existed. Hrm, I could use that towards my advantage.
  • Been gaining weight because I've been eating when I'm bored or stressed. And not fruits & veggies, oh no. Bagels, donuts, whoppers, pizza oh my!
But one good thing I have done recently that I've been meaning to do is hide my credit cards. I taped them suckers up and locked them in the fire box and woo hoo it feels good!

But yeah, totally need to get on the ball and at least attempt to tackle some of my goals. Work has been a bit crazy. And I really shouldn't complain because I only work 4 days this week, then 2 the next, then 4, then 2... and only 2 of the days out of the month are full days. The rest I am off early enough to get the boys at 2:20.  But still, I feel like I am always there. I went from being home for years to hardly being here alone at all.

Mama needs her alone time! But okay, Frank and the boys are chilling downstairs.. I just heard Frank say "It's cold down here. Mom likes to set it like a cryogenic chamber." *rolls eyes* What a fool! That's Dr. Who talk.. and besides, we have radiator heat.. so downstairs may be chilly, but upstairs is a sauna.

Ok, that's enough complaining to last me a few weeks. And I do feel better. So thanks! Free therapy, gotta love it!

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  1. Free therapy is good. That is why I love to blog, I get so many ideas from others! Alone time is so important, even if it's just 10 minutes of locking yourself in your room, and taking deep breaths. I've learned to do this, and it's ok. :) So excited for you about the volunteer work you signed up for. Just opening up your heart like that, no matter how big or small, will change your life, completely!