Sunday, January 8, 2012

Garbage Picker

I decided that I needed to go running today to clear my head. I am not a runner. I was in the Army and am very athletic, but I much rather get my cardio in the form of spin class or step class. Those types of exercises get your heart pumping, but don't destroy your lungs. Let alone I haven't done a lick of any exercise since before the holidays. But, I went running nonetheless. See?

So a mile into my 1.5 mile run, I was giving myself a pep talk about how I was ganna blog about running and that I wasn't going to walk (so I could say I wanted to stop, but didn't. ha!) ..... 3.2 seconds later I preceded to walk. I tried jogging again, then walked, and kept this up for the rest of the miserable way home. Well my misery was short lived because when I was 3 or so blocks away from home I saw a beautiful wreath on the curb. Score! I picked it up and jogged the three blocks home with this ginormous Christmas wreath in one hand.. LOL

I came in the house all bragging to Frank about my fabulous find. He's not a fan of garbage picking, but gets a good laugh out of me doing it. Anyway when I picked it up off the counter to admire it some more there were pine needles all over my counter.

So I am assuming it's real pine (duh) and is that why the previous owner threw it out?? Can you not save real pine wreaths?? Well, I'm ganna try and see what happens. But worse case, I take the big ole bow and pine cones off and add them to a future craft project.

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