Sunday, January 8, 2012

Companion Guide

Several hours after I posted my Hi, I'm Mat post.. Frank and I were yet again talking about what happened this morning and he said something along the lines of "Hey, it only happens every six months. So it'll be another six months before it happens again."

He was serious too!! as if that were a good thing. It was like he was processing it all through his mind, obviously feeling like a jerk for .. being a jerk. And thought "Come on Frank, don't beat yourself up. Your a good guy for 363 days a year."

And oh my word...

That just reminded me of how he used to always say.. "At least I come home and I'm not a drug addict." NO SERIOUSLY that used to be his argument if I ever got on his case about not helping out more. I'm like OK Frank. Good job! You're better than the dirtbags who don't come home and get high all night. Can we maybe raise the bar a tad now?

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