Saturday, January 21, 2012


To continue from yesterday.. I have some really great ideas for myself. My health, my mental state, my house, raising my children, and so much more. My problem is they are puzzle pieces that I haven't yet figured out where they go. And unless I type it up write it down none it will ever come to fruitation. Fruitation isn't a word?? It has to be. Focus Nicole.

I have created a chore chart for the kids. Routine will be good for us all. A filled in chore chart equals an allowance for them - yay! And a cleaner house will most certainly keep me.. calmer. =)

I have got to get back to deep prayer and meditation. They go hand and hand for me and when I practice them the benefits are immediate and undeniable. I need to slow the roll and make the time!

I have been eating crappy poo poo. I normally eat well 60% of the time or more and for the past few months it's been more like 6% of the time. I can't believe I don't have zits all over my face from all the junk. *knock on wood*

***Do you know how that saying (knock on wood) came to be? I might've written it on here a while ago, but oh well. "Back in the day" people used to think that the angels lived in the trees. So when they said something they didn't want to come to fruitation true, they knocked on the wood to awake the angels and have them protect whatever it is they said from happening. Or so that's the story I've always been told ; ]

Anyways... the point is I need to get organized. I mean how can I expect myself to get motivated to tackle chaos?? No no. I need to make a plan.

Did I just plan to make a plan?? Oh boy.

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  1. Making plans are good! Hard to stick with at times, but just take little steps. :) I know I feel so much better when I eat better. I would say I try to eat healthy 75% of the time. My mental state is so much better. A cleaner/more simplified house helps me a lot. I have cleaned out my house so much in the last couple of years. It's just more peaceful. Prayer also works wonders for me. I feel so much more calm. Life is crazy and hectic no matter what, so just finding a few things that help will benefit you so much!