Friday, December 30, 2011

Twenty Twelve Resolutions

Oh em gee.. it's my most favoritest time of the year.. New Years!!!! I am an absolute.. idk.. freak? lover? obsesser!! of all things fresh and new... not materialistic things.. but morning for example..

I LOVE MORNINGS!!! I love that it's a fresh new start.. a clean slate.. it's so PURE to me.. like I can do anything.. as though all my faults and misgivings are a thing of the past (duh) and it's so invigorating.. I swear my heart rate is in overdrive right now just thinking about it! ha!

It's so intense it's physiological!!!

Okay, do you get how "into" morning I am yet?? Well, multiply that by, oh idk, 365 (haha I kill me) and oh em gee.. that's what New Years is to me!

I am actually quite the slacker this year.. my resolutions are normally on my mind at the beginning of Fall.. but not this year.. I have just been so busy lately.. which totally ended my whole boredom binging.. and took off those 5 lbs that the holidays snuck on me..

And the whole me totaling my car thing kept my mind otherwise occupied.. and then of course me Frank buying me a sick ass Jeep Commander definitely kept my mind occupied with driving it 13 x a day =) just to drive it.. hehe

So here I is.. ready to "plan" .. did I mention I am a planner.. much more than a "doer".. problematic for sure. Definitely going to be a professional planner in my next lifetime!

But, back to my resolutions..

1. I want to create! Candles, home decor, crochet Christmas stockings, and ornaments, and hats, and blankets. Spruce up the house a bit (totally inspired by this amazing woman's blog!)

2. Stop being so short with the kids, as if I'm too busy for them. I am so fake kind in the real world.. I just smile and nod to everyyyyone.. even butt holes.. if I dislike you, you would never know it. I just don't like making people feel bad, so I just smile and nod and walk away.. but when it comes to the most important people in my life (not Frank tho, I do the whole smile & nod routine with him too ;) I am so snappy with them. It's a horribly habitual routine that I need to and will break! They deserve the smile and nod treatment too. The actually, not only deserve it, but will thrive from it! The love and tenderness of a parent is like nothing else. And just feeling that love from your home will make you less likely to find it elsewhere - like with peers. So yes yes, this is a big one! Not that I'm super mean or anything.. but I'm overly kind to others, and I want that for my children.. it's just so hard to be on your best all the time.. it's quite exhausting! lol After a ridiculous conversation with a nonsensical friend.. I need a nap! It's draining.. LOL But I am a mother, I chose to be a mother, and my kids are growing up so fast.. so giving them my best or at least my "better" is very high on my priority list.

3. Save money.. this one will be tough because what comes in goes right back out.. but it's unacceptable to be 32 years old without a savings account. The planner in me is refusing to put it off any longer. Frank's income and & my part time supplemental income isn't going to cut it, so the plan is to take all my creative energy and put it to good use. (aka sell items from resolution #1)

4. Try a different recipe every week! I made this my big resolution last year and didn't even make it through January. It's intimidating for me. I am a very habitual person and I like what I like.. but my recipes are so outdated and we're just sick of them.

5. Teach the boys about Jesus. My mother raised us in Catholic schools, she attends mass weekly, but yet she will never talk to me about Him. And if I try, she stays quiet so as to end the conversation and quickly as possible. Ditto with the hubs, who prays in the shower every morning and I'm sure sometimes at night. My best friend doesn't even believe in God, nor do my brothers. So it's an awkward situation. But I am done keeping quiet. I will talk more about Him than ever before! I was even thinking about letting Ayden on my computer to read children Bible stories and then ask him a few questions afterwards to make it super fun for him being as he hardly ever gets computer time.. and with Gavin, I want to teach him to be more in tune with his inner spirit. To listen to his intuition and know that it is God guiding him. And Ethan is just too cute already. He talks about Jesus and God every day. He was playing a video game with Ayden yesterday and Mario was in the sky and he said "That's where Jesus lives." So cute!

And I think 5 is enough for now. I want to succeed.. not overwhelm my senses.

Okay, ONE MORE - Blog more! At least 2x a week.. There are so many memories I am forgetting already.

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