Friday, November 18, 2011


I'm a horrible blogger, huh? I prefer the paper journals.. funky ones.. Barnes & Nobles has a line of them that are handmade by women in the Appalachians and their made from the leftover scraps from a sock factory.. not from trees.. its so cool..

But anyways.. all is well on my end.. super actually.. I started a new bookkeeping job on Wednesday and it seems like it's going to be perfect for me. I'll be left alone, set my own hours, can't be better.

Christmas is creeping up so quickly, I can't wait! Definitely downsizing in the gifts department this year, but that's a good thing. We spend way too much money on toys they hardly play with. They're each getting one "big" gift that I know they will LOVE and then a bunch of smaller, much more inexpensive gifts.

I'm also emphasizing how Thanksgiving is a time to not only give thanks, but to help others. Frank and I have been given a turkey on more than one occasion from both of our former employers, and back then, we needed it! So even though I describe our situation as "being tight" compared to others, we're rich. Not really, of course, but we live in an area where a good chunk of the kids our kids go to school with are on welfare. And to think that some of those kids won't have a turkey, aw man, chokes me up.

So anyways, going to give this year in appreciation for all the people in our past who have given to us.

But Ethan is running a fever and needs some TLC.. until next time.. ya know, in like summer *wink*

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