Monday, October 10, 2011

RIP Pumbaa (aka Mr. Kiddy)

Let's see.. I adopted the best kitty ever - seriously! I have had cats, I know plenty of people with cats, and Pumbaa is seriously the best kitty ever.. well, that is until he went to kitty heaven at the ripe old age of 6 months. So mind boggling and obviously depressing.. He wouldn't come in one night after I called and called and called him.. I knew something was wrong, but it was storming and I thought maybe he found refuge under a car or something and just didn't wanna come out until it stopped pouring.. but then when it stopped pouring and he didn't come home.. my mind started wondering into the what if zone.

Frank stepped outside and quickly came back in and told me to get inside. He was under our tree, laying on his back (which he always did and loved for his soft furry tummy to be rubbed).. feet pointing to the stars.. We are guessing he fell out of the monster tree he was under..

Even though cats ALWAYS land on their feet.. or is that just a myth????

I don't know. But it sucks nonetheless.. He was my shadow. Ho hum..

We got another kitten.. it was too hard for me and Ayden to have Pumbaa not be here.. and I thought having a new kitten would shift our attention from devastated to somewhat joyful.. and it did for the kids.. but it made me even sadder.. Pumbaa passed away last Sunday.. and I am feeling less torn, but I regret getting our new kitten.

Everyone likes him and I can see why.. he doesn't have a favorite, he just goes to whoever, real chill cat, loves my dog, just does his own thang.

Pumbaa was not like that. All our family and friends have said at one time or another "How come he only likes you?" to me. LOL He was super scared when I got him from the shelter and I don't know why, but he just trusted me and only me. Didn't want anything to do with anyone else and would follow me around all day long. This kitten will mostly sleep in my room, but not on top of me. This cat, his name is Simbaa, btw, is cool on the floor or outside the door or whatever.. but Pumbaa had to be snuggled up against me..

Sigh.. miss you buddy.. RIP.

Ya like the names?? Pumbaa was named by the shelter, then when we got Simbaa his name was Swisher (yuck) so we named him Simbaa because in the movie The Lion King, Pumbaa and Simbaa were best friends.

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