Sunday, July 17, 2011

I heart GavStar

Can I just brag on my Gavin again.. this kid is amazing.. he is just not affected by what his peers are doing. He knows what Facebook is for the most part - because he comes to me asking questions about most things he's unfamiliar with ; )

He asked me if he could create one, but I explained that at this stage I just don't see it being a positive influence in his life. I'm sure he was a little bummed, but didn't complain or beg or really react much at all. Even though all his close friends have accounts.

But yesterday Gavin asked me if I would create a yahoo email address for him. I obliged and this morning I showed him how to send an email. I typed in my email address and told him its basically like texting and to send me whatever. This is what he wrote:

hey mom i love my new yahoo account. thks for it.

* That's why he asked how do you spell account! *

My soon to be teen is appreciative for an email address. I love that kid! I really don't deserve such a well behaved child. I deserve a snotty mouth girl! Because that's what I was to my mother. Aw man did we hate each other. She's my best friend now and has been since I turned 18.. or rather, she has been since I moved out! LOL

But man at Gavin's age I had already pierced myself in several spots, ran away, argued, lied about my whereabouts.. ugh what hell I put my poor parents thru.. tho technically it was their fault for not being... more like me ; )


kidding mother dearest

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