Sunday, July 17, 2011

I heart GavStar

Can I just brag on my Gavin again.. this kid is amazing.. he is just not affected by what his peers are doing. He knows what Facebook is for the most part - because he comes to me asking questions about most things he's unfamiliar with ; )

He asked me if he could create one, but I explained that at this stage I just don't see it being a positive influence in his life. I'm sure he was a little bummed, but didn't complain or beg or really react much at all. Even though all his close friends have accounts.

But yesterday Gavin asked me if I would create a yahoo email address for him. I obliged and this morning I showed him how to send an email. I typed in my email address and told him its basically like texting and to send me whatever. This is what he wrote:

hey mom i love my new yahoo account. thks for it.

* That's why he asked how do you spell account! *

My soon to be teen is appreciative for an email address. I love that kid! I really don't deserve such a well behaved child. I deserve a snotty mouth girl! Because that's what I was to my mother. Aw man did we hate each other. She's my best friend now and has been since I turned 18.. or rather, she has been since I moved out! LOL

But man at Gavin's age I had already pierced myself in several spots, ran away, argued, lied about my whereabouts.. ugh what hell I put my poor parents thru.. tho technically it was their fault for not being... more like me ; )


kidding mother dearest

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oversleeping is Expensive

There is nothing interesting online at the moment.. although I guess that's impossible.. so I guess I just can't find anything good to read at the moment..

Decided to do a little fast this week.. 3 days of no food, then 3 days of just fruit, and on the 7th day fruits, veggies, oatmeal, and brown rice..

Sounds like a nice little detox to me! And besides.. I was really going coo coo for coco puffs over food there lately.. I must have ingested *thinks to self... 8 a day x 14 days* A LOT of Reeces peanut butter cups in the past few weeks.. and I was on a cereal kick.. 3 bowls a day.. and of course it was Fruit Loops or Frosted Flakes..

But more than anything.. I just felt distant from God.. (and so close to food).. so I figured what the hay.. nice little detox to break the cycle..

Today's only day 2.. but it's already 3:30pm and I'm not even close to caving.. I feel energized (uhh.. that's probably from the Caramel Frappacino with a shot of espresso from Star Bucks.. haha.. but no whip cream! LOL cause that's "food".. aw man, I kill me.)

Anywho.. I feel great! I feel empowered and in control and clean and strong!

But enough about that..

Summer is going great.. except that I'm broke as a joke.. I have received $700mo from the Army for the past 6 or so years for attending school.. but I graduated in May and am no longer receiving it.. so until the baby starts preK in September and I in turn start my jobby job.. we is living off Ramen.

But that's okay.. we're homebodies anyways.. we live 6 blocks from the beach and we have a pool so... we're enjoying the laidbackness of it all..

Speaking of our pool.. wanna hear a funny story??

It's the summer of 08 and I'm very pregnant with Ethan... I tell Frank I can not make it through the summer without a pool pass or season pass to our local waterpark.. he tells me to get lost and that we're not paying $500 for either one..

Ok fine..

Fast forward a few weeks and Frank decides to not wake up one morning even though I'm all big and pregnant asking for him to get up and help me with whatever it was I needed help with.. He used to sleep til 2pm all the time, but it drives me bat shit crazy, so that ended a few years into our marriage..

But on this particular day he just wouldn't get up. So I showed him.. drove my big ol self to the pool store and bought us a pool. hahahahaha...

He woke up thinking Oh boy, I'm ganna have to hear her mouth. But instead he got a big old smile and a hysterically laughing wife. =) The really funny part is four years later I've maybe been in the pool a dozen times. Probably closer to 8. But the boys and Frank love that thing!

He only slept that late ONE other time.. and it just so happened to be the day that some Tar Company came knocking on my door asking if I wanted a paved driveway for super cheap since they had extra tar from a job they did around the corner.

Omg.. he let the pool thing go because we had saved up a few bucks.. but the $500 I spent on the driveway did not go over well..

Needless to say he has not slept ridiculously late since.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kars for Kids

There's this radio commercial about donating your car that comes on a lot by me.. it's one of those annoying jingles that you unintentionally start singing while doing some random chore like dishes.. I dare ya to listen to it!

Kars 4 Kids

Hrm.. here's the link just in case that link didn't work for you.. because it's not working for me:

The jingle goes something like "1 8 7 7 Kars for kids. K-A-R-S cars for kids. Donate your car today."

So it comes on yesterday while me and the kids are hanging out back.. After it's over Gavin goes

"So, instead of buying a kid, you give them your car and they give you a kid?"

Why yes Gavin!! That is exactly what they meant! hahahaha.... Oh my word, that kid kills me.. I'm like "Really Gav?!?!?!" And he totally defended his position: "Well, they do say "Cars for kids."

He's lucky he's so gorgeous.. hopefully it'll make up for the bubbleheadedness that he totally gets from his father *snicker snicker*