Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Long Days Short Years

I was just looking through old photos to add to my sidebar. My babies are growing up so fast. Ayden looks so different when he had his baby teeth. Poor kid's in the awkward Sponge Bob teeth phase.

Exhibit A

And the baby - oh my goodness! He looks like such a baby in photos that were only taken a few months ago. *sigh* Let along looking at his baby pics!!

It always seems so exhausting - cleaning the house only to find crumbs on the floor and who knows what on the couch.. cooking a nice meal only to hear "Do I have to eat this?!" and then the mountain of dishes waiting for me afterwards. Let alone the wrestling and arguing that I am constantly defusing.

Yeah, these goofballs definitely keep me on my toes.

My summertime goal is to play more with them.. I don't typically "play" with them. That's Frank's area of expertise.. he'll throw them around in the pool.. or play ball with them out back.. probably because he's like a big kid.. hehe.. but they love it!

I'm more of a spectator or cheerleader. I sit on the chair and watch them play ball. Adding my dutiful "Wow! Great job!" every so often. Or let them in the pool while I watch from the deck. But I wanna join in the festivities this summer.. Frank's always wanting me to hang out back with them.. but I usually prefer to be alone in the house when he's got them entertained in the yard. Maybe I'll alternate. haha..

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