Friday, June 24, 2011

I just cut my own hair - eek!!

Oh boy.. I gave myself a hair cut.. I been on a kick.. searching for make up ideas and hairstyles.. well I found one about how to cut hair.. hahahahaha..

It doesn't look that bad.. but I did get a little scissor happy.. all my hair was previously one length and now I have a very thin portion that is still that long.. the rest is all in choppy shorter layers..

I originally (about a week ago) gave myself side bangs.. which when brushed straight down.. came to the tip of my nose.. but today I decided I wanted regular bangs, not side swiped..

Uhhh.. let's just say I'll be growing them out. LOL Oh well though.. it's different.. and fun to play with.. and from what I hear.. bangs grow so fast.. or at least you notice the growth that much more.. so.. they'll be long bangs in no time.. and my layers are going to look a million times better as they grow out too..

So screw it.. I don't mind it.. but I'll definitely be letting it all grow out.. =) Wanna see pics??

I am so not photogenic.. I must've taken 30 and these 3 were the only survivors.. I don't understand why either.. cause I think in person I'm pretty cute.. but man oh man sutten happens inside that lens.. and then I'll see photos of girls/women who look freakin adorable!! even though they aren't someone you would look at as being overly attractive.. but they just come out as cute as could be in photos.. yep, totally jealous..

Hrm.. wonder if I could YouTube that!! "how to be photogenic" hahahaha

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